How To Fix 0 Views on Facebook Marketplace

How to Fix 0 Views on Facebook Marketplace

Are you getting 0 views on Facebook marketplace listings?

You may have listed an item for sale before and got clicks and views.

However, if you have listed another item and got zero views and no sales, then you might be frustrated about this.

This issue is very common among the users, who keep complaining about it.

So, in this article, we will discuss the reasons why you are getting zero views and we have listed some solutions for you to fix Facebook Marketplace with no sales and zero views.

Cause: Why are you getting zero views on Facebook Marketplace?

Here are the causes behind the Facebook marketplace 0 views glitch.

  • Your listed item might lack demand.
  • Poor image quality.
  • Thin descriptions.
  • Not including tags.
  • Due to the lack of factors from which the Algorithm picks your item.

Now that we know what is the reason behind this problem, then we can discuss further the solution that will help you solve this issue.

How To Fix 0 Views on Facebook Marketplace

Solution 1: List Your Items For Free

To boost your other listings, you can try listing free items and it can eventually fix 0 views on Facebook Marketplace.

Here’s how to do so;

Step 1: Go to Facebook Marketplace and create a new listing.

Step 2: List anything for free. (For example: Chair).

Step 3: Add “Free” to the title. (For example: Free Chair).

Step 4: Reduce the price to $0.

Step 5: List the item and the algorithm will boost your listings.

List free items

Solution 2:  Change The Place/Location of Your Listing

To relocate your listing to another location, Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Facebook Marketplace and Delete all of your listings.

Step 2: Create a new listing and fill up your information.

Step 3: Change the location of the new listing to another location.

Step 4: Now wait for the Algorithm to boost your listings.

Note:  You can change your location back to normal after 24 hours.

Change the location of your listing

Solution 3: Optimize Your Listing

Optimize your listing by adding exciting words to boost your posting.

Title: While writing your title include words like “Brand New”, “Authentic”, or “Unused” to boost your listing.

Price: Set the price low and sell cheaper items instead of expensive ones.

Photo: Try to take a good-quality image and capture the whole item without cropping any part.

Description: Focus on the main Features of the item and make the description short and accurate.


Here is the end of the article on “How to Fix 0 Views on Facebook Marketplace” and we have discussed some solutions to fix the Facebook Marketplace glitch 2024.

I hope you found this article helpful and it might have solved your problem and you might now manage to get more views on the Facebook marketplace.

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