Ambient Sound Not Working On Galaxy Buds? Here’s How To Fix!

How To Solve Ambient Sound Not Working On Galaxy Buds

Well, you have always noticed that, when you are listening to a song while wearing the buds, you may be lost in a song and can’t notice your nearby surroundings which may put you in a dangerous situation.

Therefore, to alert you, Samsung provided the Ambient Sound feature.

Now, you are wondering what does ambient sound mean on Galaxy Buds?

Well, find out by yourself!

What Does Ambient Sound Mean On Earbuds?

It is a feature provided by Samsung that uses the external microphone of your Galaxy earbuds, in resultant, it will help you in hearing the sounds and noises of the outside.

But what if the Ambient sound suddenly stops working on your buds?

Don’t worry! You can easily solve this problem by reading this article on how to fix Ambient sound not working on Galaxy buds.

Many users often face this problem and can’t get rid of it.

First, let’s start with a practical example.

Practical Example: A User Encountering Ambient Sound Not Working Issue On Galaxy Bud


Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it? I have both buds in my ears, tried removing each and putting them back in, reset my earbuds, and still don’t know what’s wrong.

Original Post Taken From – Reddit

That is just one scenario, there are many other users facing the same issue.

If you don’t know what caused this issue or you are using the buds for the first time and facing this problem, then you should check the common causes first.

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Causes: Why Can’t I Use Ambient Sound With My Samsung Earbud?

  • Due to pairing issues.
  • Changes in the settings, which automatically changed if you have updated it to the latest version.
  • When you receive a call, then it will automatically get disabled.
  • Outdated device’s software version.

These are some of the common causes of the problem.

Now, let’s find out the solutions to efficiently fix it.

How To Solve Galaxy Buds Ambient Sound Not Working

Here you will know the effective solutions, simply follow them to solve the issue.

Note: The below-mentioned solutions are applicable to all the Samsung earbuds series, such as Galaxy Buds Plus, Live, Pro, Buds 2, and Buds 2 Pro.

Solution 1. Check Compatibility

Well, all Samsung Buds are compatible with Ambient sound. But in the Galaxy Buds Live, you can’t find its settings, besides Samsung provide another feature called Active Noise Cancelling that works quite the same.

In Galaxy Buds Plus, ambient sound is only compatible when it’s connected to your phone with Galaxy Wearable App and on iPhone 7 or later that have iOS 10 or higher.

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Solution 2. Setup Touchpad To Turn On And Off Ambient Mode

First, you need to setup it, by doing this you can adjust the Ambient sound according to your need. These are the steps to follow.

  • Open Galaxy Wearable App, then look for Touchpad and tap on it.
  • Now, press Left or Right, under touch and hold touchpad.
  • Now, tap on Ambient Sound.

Enable Ambient Sound

  • Now, touch and hold the Left or Right touchpad to adjust it as per your requirement.

Adjust Ambient Sound

Solution 3. Check For Updates

Samsung launches updates to add new things or to fix minor bugs and glitches. Therefore, updating the buds and the smartphone may fix the issue.

First, check for the updates if it’s available or not, if available, then simply update it to the latest version.

Steps for Smartphone: –

  • Navigate to Settings and look for Software update, then tap on it.
  • Then, simply Download and install the latest update, if available.

Update Device Software

Steps For Earbuds: –

  • Open Galaxy Wearables on your phone.

Note: Ensure the buds are connected to your device.

  • Now, swipe and tap on Earbuds software update.

Earbuds Software Update Settings

  • Then, simply tap on Download and install.

Download And Install Earbuds Updates

At last, check whether it’s working fine or not.

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Solution 4. Re-connect your Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Well, this is one of the most common workarounds that all users should perform, whenever they experience some issues with their earbuds.

Therefore, you must perform this workaround which is disconnecting and re-connecting the buds as it can easily troubleshoot the issue.

Follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Navigate to Settings and tap on Bluetooth.
  • Now, simply select Galaxy Buds, then simply Unpair.
  • After that, reconnect it with your smartphone later.

Solution 5. Disable And Re-enable Ambient Sound

It might be the bugs and glitches that are causing the problem. To fix it, you can try to turn off and again turn on the Samsung buds, by doing this the temporary glitch will get fixed.

These are the steps to follow.

  • Navigate to the Galaxy Wearable App on your phone that is connected to your earbuds.
  • Now, switch on and off the Ambient sound toggle 2-3 times.
  • Now, adjust its sound level with the help of the Ambient Sound slider.

Solution 6. Reset Your Galaxy Earbuds

If none of the above methods help you in fixing the issue, then you can try to reset your buds, by doing this it will get to defaults, like when you first time bought and use it.

The resetting workaround can easily fix the problem and you can get rid of it. These are the steps to follow.

  • Navigate to Galaxy Wearables, then scroll down and select About Earbuds.
  • Now, simply tap on Reset earbuds.
  • Now, hit Reset to confirm the process.

Reset Earbuds

Always check for the issue if it gets fixed or not.

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People Also Ask

Question 1. Why Can’t I Use Ambient Sound With One Samsung Earbud?

Answer. It could be you didn’t enable the Ambient Sound; in such a case you can’t use it. These are the steps to enable it.

  • Navigate to Earbud Settings.
  • Now, navigate to Accessibility > Noise Controls with one earbud.

Question 2. How To Fix Ambient Sound Not Working During Call?

Answer. If you have ever noticed that the Ambient sound didn’t work if you’re on a call and many users also reported this issue, whenever they receive a call, then it stops working.

Well, if you want to use it during calls, then you need to enable a feature in Galaxy Wearables. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to Galaxy Wearables and simply enable Ambient Sound.
  • Now, tap on Advanced, then enable the Ambient Sound During Calls
  • Now, you will able to use it during calls.

If enabling this feature didn’t help you in solving the problem and still it’s not working, then you can try the above solutions mentioned in the article, and make sure this feature is enabled.

Question 3. How To Turn Off Ambient Sound On Galaxy Buds?

Answer. Simply follow the steps to disable it, but make sure to put both earbuds into your ears.

  • Go to Galaxy Wearable App and select Ambient Sound.
  • Now, you can simply disable it by tapping Off.


In this article, you have learned about how to fix Ambient Sound not working on Galaxy Buds.

As there are 6 solutions mentioned in this article. You can follow them one by one and solve your issue.