How To Fix Android Phone Shuts Off Randomly

Best Way To Fix Android Phone Shuts Off Randomly

Find Out 12 Effective Methods On How To Fix Android Phone Keeps Turning Off Randomly!

Summary: If while doing some important work, playing favorite games, chatting/emailing with someone or attending an important call, etc. your phone suddenly turns off and you know that there is enough battery power in your phone. How do you feel that time? You will get annoyed and feel sad. If you are also going through this situation then don’t worry. Here I have discussed 12 effective methods on how to fix Android phone shuts off randomly, just read and follow them to fix the problem.

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Let’s see a practical example of the phone keeps turning off with a full battery on Android.

Practical Example: A User Is Facing Phone Turning Off Problem With Enough Battery

Why does my phone keep shutting off randomly?

My phone keeps randomly shutting off if I go on it too much, even if the battery is only at 80% or so. It seems to be getting worse, and I only got my phone this summer. When I plug it in to charge it, it goes right up from 0% back to what it was when it shut off very quickly, and works fine when it is charging but I can hardly take more than a few photos or text someone before it shuts off now. Help!”

Source: Androidcentral Forums

Well, if your Android smartphone also turns off randomly then don’t panic below I have discussed the top 12 effective methods on how to fix the phone randomly shuts off.

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Below mentioned methods will work for all Android phone models such as Google Pixel, OnePlus, Huawei, Moto, Samsung, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Lenovo, Oppo, ZTE, HTC, etc.

Method 1: Check Your Phone’s Battery

If your phone automatically gets turn off then you should check your phone’s battery status. By doing this you will be able to solve the phone keeps shutting off problem.

Follow the below steps to check your phone’s battery status.

Step 1: On your phone open dialler.

Step 2: Then enter “*#*#4636#*#*, after dialing it you will be able to see the status of your phone’s battery. If this doesn’t work then you can enter “*#*#INFO#*#*”.

Android Battery Info

If your phone’s battery status is not good then you should change the battery. But if the battery status is good then follow the next method.

Method 2: Check Your Phone Shuts Off Randomly Issue In Safe Mode

You can put your device in safe mode and then check your Android phone shuts off or not. Safe mode disables all apps expect built-in apps and helps you to easily find if there is a problem with the installed apps or not.

So, put your phone in safe mode and check your android phone turns off or not. If in safe mode your phone works well then it means there is some problem with the apps.

Follow the below steps to put your phone is safe mode.

Step 1: Long press the Power button until you see a pop-up screen.

Step 2: Now, from there tap on “Power Off” option for some seconds until a message display on the screen, and below the message, you will see OK button, tap on it.

Once you completed the above steps your phone will boot in Safe Mode and you will be able to see safe mode on the main screen.

How To Enter Safe Mode on Android

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Method 3: Check If Your Device Is In Sleep Mode

If your phone keeps turning off randomly then you should also check whether your phone is in Sleep Mode or not. But first, check that your phone is switch off or not by pressing the Power button.

After pressing Power button if your device’s screen turns black to normal then the problem is different. In this case, you need to go to Settings > Display & gestures > Display, gestures & buttons or Display.

If your device is not showing sleep or screen timeout option then you need to find the option as it is hidden in Lock Screen and Security screen.

If you are using Redmi phone then you need to follow the below steps because it doesn’t have Sleep option under “Display Settings”.

Step 1: Open “Settings” on your phone.

Step 2: Then under “System & Device” you will find “Lock Screen and Password” option tap on it.

Step 3: Next tap on Sleep or Screen timeout.

Step 4: When a popup screen displays, you need to select or press 30 minutes the available option.

Method 4: Remove Phone Case

The hard phone case which you are using to cover your phone can also lose the battery space. So, if you have covered your phone with such a phone case then you should use your device without the phone case and see the Android phone shuts off randomly is solved or not.

Method 5: Check If The Power Button Stuck

Phone getting switched off automatically can also occur if your device’s power button stuck and that’s why your phone turns off. So, you should check the power button by pressing it multiple times.

When you press the button then it should go smoothly and when you release the button then it should come out immediately. If the power button stuck inside then put it out by using a tweezer or same thing to pull it out.

Method 6: Charge Your Device

Another way to fix Android phone shuts off randomly is to charge your device maybe your phone battery is low. Charge your phone at least one hour and after one hour if your phone charge normally then it is good.

If your phone is not taking charge then you should use another charger or cable to charge it. Still, it is not taking charge then clean the charging port of your phone, maybe some dust particles enter in the charging port. Even if it is not charging then follow the next method.

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Method 7: Update Your Android Software

If your Android OS is not updated then it can also cause the problem. So, you should check for updates and if there is any update available then install the update now.

Here, follow the steps to update your device’s software.

Step 1: On your phone go to “Settings” and then tap on “About”.

Step 2: After that tap on “Software updates” option.

Step 3: Then tap on “Check Now” option.

Update Your Android OS

And if there is any new update available, then update it from there.

Method 8: Delete Unnecessary Or Faulty Apps

If you have faulty apps in your device and your device randomly shuts off and restarts without any reason then it means that the faulty apps are not supporting your phone.

And if some application is running on the background then it can also force your phone to power off.

So, to fix the problem you should uninstall all the apps that are not useful for you. Don’t forget to update the apps that you have kept on your phone.

You should also uninstall all applications that are running in the background. To uninstall then just go to Settings > More > Applications > Running. And if there are any apps that are not useful for you then uninstall it.

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Method 9: Remove Malware And Viruses

If your device has some harmful virus then it can also cause your Android phone to randomly power off. You should check and if you can remove the virus then remove it from your phone.

There are many security apps for Android that help you to remove the virus or malware from your phone. So, you can install any antivirus app that scans and remove any type of viruses by itself.

Method 10: Disable Overheating Feature

Now, all Android smartphones are coming with advanced features in which your device automatically gets power off when the device reaches a hot level to 100 degrees. It can cause when you try to use GPS or 4G features.

So, if you don’t want that feature then you can disable it to free yourself from getting irritated from this problem.

Method 11: Use Android Repair Software To Fix Phone Turning OFF and ON By Itself [Recommended]

If are you unable to solve the powering off Android phone by itself issue then you can try Android Repair Software to repair your phone that will fix and stop your phone from turning off by itself and resolve the problem.

*Trial version

Android Repair software also fixes other types of issues like apps keep crashing, black screen of death, Android OTA update failed, system update failure, Play Store not working, stuck in a boot loop, etc.

Note: The Android Repair software will only repair the Samsung phone, not other Android phones.

Follow the complete steps to fix phones turns off randomly by using Android Repair Software.

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Method 12: Factory Reset Your Phone

The last method to fix Phone shuts off problem is to factory reset your Android phone. But before you do a factory reset you must take a back phone’s data because factory reset will wipe all data from the phone.

Follow, the below steps to factory reset your phone.

Step 1: Open “Settings” and then tap on “Backup & Reset”.

Step 2: After that tap on “Factory data reset” option and hit on “Reset Phone”.

Factory Reset Android Phone

Step 3: Finally, tap on “Erase Everything” to start the reset process.

How To Factory Reset Android

Once the reset process gets completed, your phone will start automatically and now you need to set up your phone from starting.

Note: If you lost data while doing factory reset then you are strongly recommended to try Android Data Recovery software to recover the deleted data from your phone.


I hope that from the above 12 methods you were able to deal with the Android phone shuts off randomly problem. If you have a Samsung phone then you are strongly suggested to try Android Repair Software to fix the problem.

If all the methods don’t work for you and your phone is too old then you should replace the battery or buy a new phone or if your phone is still in warranty period then you should take your phone to the manufacturer they will give you a new phone instead of that phone.