Fix Samsung S24/S24 Plus/S24 Ultra Battery Draining Fast Issue

Battery Draining Fast On Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, S24 Ultra

Is your Samsung Galaxy S24 (Plus) or S24 Ultra battery draining fast? If yes, then you don’t need to worry as many other Samsung S24 series users are going through it and there are some solutions to solve this issue.

So, in this guide, we will discuss the solutions to fix Samsung Galaxy S24/S24 Plus/S24 Ultra battery draining fast issue.

But before we learn the methods it is important to know the causes why your phone’s battery drains so fast.

So let us first discuss it.

Causes: Why Is Samsung S24 (Plus)/S24 Ultra Battery Draining So Fast?

There are different causes of battery draining on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series and the reasons can vary, but some common causes for this issue are mentioned below:

  • Excessive background app usage.
  • Poor internet connection.
  • When you enable so many features on the phone like location, mobile data, Bluetooth, hotspot, etc.
  • If the screen brightness of your phone is set to high.
  • If you keep your mobile in direct sunlight or hot environments.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S24/S24 Plus/S24 Ultra Battery Draining Fast

Here are some of the simple methods to solve battery-draining issue on Samsung S24 series phones.

Solution 1: Optimize Phone Settings

You can optimize your phone’s settings to solve the battery draining issue on Samsung devices as this will let the device close the background apps automatically, scan any issues, and manage abnormal battery usage.

Here are the steps to optimize your phone settings:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone.

Step 2: Then click on Device Care.

Step 3: Hit on “Optimize now” button.

Optimize Your Galaxy Phone Settings

Solution 2: Enable Power Saving Mode

You can toggle on the battery saving mode on your phone to limit the background activity and performance of your phone.

To enable it, go to your Quick Settings menu and turn on the Power Saving Mode/Battery Saving Mode option.

Solution 3: Manage Background Applications

You can set the background usage limits by keeping the apps that you often use in sleep mode or selecting which app you don’t want to run in the background.

Here are the steps to manage background applications:

  • Navigate to Settings app on your Galaxy device.
  • Scroll down and tap on Battery.
  • Tap on Background usage limit and from here you can manage the apps.

Adjust Background usage limits

Solution 4: Disable All Unused Features

You should not keep features such as Bluetooth, NFC, Always on Display (AOD), GPS, and Wi-Fi enabled on your phone as this will drain your phone’s battery very fast.

Hence, you should enable it only when it is needed, and after this don’t forget to turn it off.

Solution 5: Turn On Dark Mode

You can enable the dark mode feature to reduce power consumption, particularly on smartphones with OLED screens.

Solution 6: Adjust Screen Brightness

If you have set your screen brightness level to very high then reduce it to minimize battery draining.

Solution 7: Manage App Usage

Uninstall, disable or close all the apps that you don’t use or use very often to reduce background activity and save battery life.

Solution 8: Don’t Overcharge Your Phone

Avoid overcharging your Samsung S24 phone because this will damage your phone’s battery and cause the battery to drain fast.

Also, you should always use the certified Samsung chargers to charge your handset.

Solution 9: Disable Mobile Data (Enable Only When Required)

Try to keep the mobile data off when it is not required as this will consume your phone’s battery fast.

Solution 10: Keep The Phone In Normal Environment

Avoid keeping your smartphone to direct sunlight, or hot environments because high temperature is not good for battery health.

Solution 11: Update Your Device OS

If you are using an older version of OS (Operating System) then this can also cause battery-draining issue on Samsung S24+, S24 Ultra, or S24.

Therefore, check the update for it and if you find the latest version then install it.

Solution 12: Charge Your Phone In Slow Charging Mode

If it is possible for you to charge your phone on standard or slow charging mode then charge it on this mode. Doing this will make your battery life long.

Solution 13: Enable Adaptive Battery Feature

Note: This feature will pause your phone’s battery charging at 85% which prevents your phone from overcharging.

Below are the steps to enable the adaptive battery feature on your Samsung S24 Ultra, S24+, or S24:

  1. Move to Settings.
  2. Tap on Battery and Device Care.
  3. After this, hit Battery > More Battery Settings.
  4. Now, toggle on the Adaptive Battery.

Enable Adaptive Battery Feature


Experiencing fast battery draining issue is very frustrating as it forces you to charge your phone multiple times and it is not possible for everyone to do it.

But, you didn’t need to worry as you can fix Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, or S24 Ultra battery draining fast issue by methods that we have discussed above and enjoy long-lasting battery performance.

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