How To Fix “Hmm…Something Seems to Have Gone Wrong” In ChatGPT

How To Fix ChatGPT Error Something Seems to Have Gone Wrong

Are you are encountering the ChatGPT error “Hmm… something seems to have gone wrong. Maybe try me again in a little bit.

If, “Yes”, then you are not alone.

ChatGPT is now used by millions of users – developers, bloggers, students, designers and more.

But ever since ChatGPT was released, users have experienced multiple issues, errors, problems and glitches while using it.

When “something seems to have gone wrong” ChatGPT error occurs, then you will get the option to regenerate the response.

You can click on “Try again” button or click on “Regenerate response” button.

Clicking on the button, might not help you and you still see the error.

In this article, you will learn how to fix “Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong. Maybe try me again in a little bit” in ChatGPT.

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Why “Somethings Seem To Have Gone Wrong” Error Occurs in ChatGPT?

The ChatGPT error “Something seems to have gone wrong” occurs when the model is not able to generate a response.

It simply suggests that the model has encountered an error and therefore it is currently unable to process the input.

This can happen due to server outages, glitches/bugs, technical problems, connectivity issues, or limitations in the model.

How To Fix “Hmm…Something Seems to Have Gone Wrong” In ChatGPT

You can fix “Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong. Maybe try me again in a little bit” in ChatGPT, by following these solutions:

  • Refresh/Reload the ChatGPT Web Page
  • Wait If ChatGPT Server Is Down or Having an Outage
  • Log out and log in to ChatGPT
  • Clear your browser’s cache
  • Disable VPN
  • Contact OpenAI support

Fix 1: Refresh/Reload The ChatGPT Page

This is the simple solution to resolve this error.

Just refresh or reload the ChatGPT web page. You can also open a new tab and visit ChatGPT website.

When you refresh the page, it fixes minor glitches/bugs and all the errors get cleared and allow you to have a smooth and error-free experience.

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Fix 2: Wait If ChatGPT Server Is Down or Having Outage

Next, check the server status of ChatGPT.

Visit – to find out the server status.

If you find that ChatGPT is down, having an outage or there is ongoing maintenance, then you need to wait until the server issue is fixed by the ChatGPT.

Fix 3: Log Out and Log In to ChatGPT

Sometimes, a simple logout and login fixes the error.

  • Visit –
  • On the left sidebar click on “Log out
  • Close your browser and then open it.
  • Go to ChatGPT website, click on “Log in” and log in.
  • Retype your query/prompt and send it.

Fix 4: Clear Browser Cache

To fix “Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong. Maybe try me again in a little bit” in ChatGPT, you need to clear the cache of your browser.

  • If you are using Google Chrome, then click on 3 vertical dots > Clear browsing data.
  • Select time duration. Check mark “Browsing History”, Cookies and other site data, “Cached images and files” and then click on “Clear Data”.

Tip: You can use another web browser to use ChatGPT.

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Fix 5: Disable VPN

If you are connected to VPN and using ChatGPT, then it is suggested that you disconnect VPN and then try to access ChatGPT website.

Fix 6: Contact OpenAI Support

If nothing works for you, then it is advised that you must contact OpenAI support for further assistance.

  • Go to
  • Click on Chat icon. Select “Search for help” and then click on “Send us a message”.
  • Here, choose the appropriate topic for your issue.
  • Explain your issue and the message.
  • Now, wait for the response from the support team.


If you are a regular user of ChatGPT and when you experience such an error, then you might get frustrated.

Luckily, the solutions mentioned in the post have helped you to fix “Hmm…Something Seems to Have Gone Wrong” In ChatGPT.

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