How To Permanently Delete Text Messages On Samsung Phone

How To Delete Texts Permanently From Samsung Phones

Find Out Effective Methods To Permanently Delete Text SMS From Samsung Phone!

Do you want to permanently delete text messages from your Samsung phone as you are deciding to sell your Samsung phone or to clear the storage space of your phone? You don’t want to simply delete them, you want to delete them permanently, because there are banking, financial data, important codes, personal messages, etc. are present there. And it can be recovered by someone else.

There are lots of data recovery software in the market that can recover the deleted text SMS from the device.

So, if you want to permanently erase SMS from your Samsung Galaxy phone then read this guide. It will teach you how to permanently delete text messages from Samsung phone.

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Let us start with some real user practical example!

Practical Example: A Samsung S7 User Is Asking Solution To Permanently Delete Text Messages

How do I permanently delete text messages from my s7?

How do I permanently delete text messages from my s7 so that they can never be recovered?

Source: Android Central Forums

Now, let us start learning the methods to permanently delete text messages on Samsung Galaxy phone.

Note: All the solutions that you are going to learn below will be applicable for all Samsung phone models such as Samsung Galaxy A52/A72/F62/M30/M11/S20/S21+/S21 Ultra/S20+/S9/S9+/S8/S8+/S7/S7 Edge/S6 and all other Samsung phone models available in the market.

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Method 1: Permanently Delete Text Messages From Samsung Phone [Recommended]

If you want to permanently delete text messages from Samsung phone then Android Eraser is the best tool for doing this. It is a powerful software that will delete the text SMS permanently and they cannot be recovered by anyone using any data recovery software.

*Trial version

This is the fastest way to delete text messages from the smartphone. Samsung Eraser, permanently deleted all messages as well as other data like call history, pictures, contacts, videos, audios, app data, calendar, notes, and other private files.

So, Samsung Text Messages Erasers is a perfect and 100% safe tool to deleted SMS permanently without leaking them. And it also permanently delete text messages from SIM card of your Galaxy phone.

Below, follow the complete steps to permanently deleted text messages from Samsung phones using Android Eraser tool.

Steps To Permanently Delete Text SMS From Samsung Phone

Step 1: Connect Your Android Phone To Computer

Download, install and launch Android Data Eraser on your computer and then click on “Data Eraser” among the available tools.

Now connect your Android phone to computer with the help of USB cable. Make sure you have enabled the USB debugging on your Android phone. If your phone is running above Android OS version 4.2.2 then there will be a pop-up message on your Android phone asking you to enable USB debugging. You have to simply click on “OK” to continue the process.

Step 2: Start Erasing Your Android Device Permanently

After this, Android Eraser software will automatically detect and connect your Android phone. Hit on “Erase All Data” button to begin the easing your all data permanently.


Note: Before applying this process you must keep backup of your all important data because it will not be recovered by any tool.

Then you have to enter “delete” to confirm the process.

After this the software will start deleting your all Android data from your device. The erasing process will take few minutes, during this process don’t disconnect your Android phone or don’t use any phone management software on your computer.

Step 3: Factory Reset Your Android Phone

When the all apps, photos, documents and all other privacy data have been completely deleted, then the Android Eraser tool will ask you to tap on “Factory Data Reset” or “Erase All Data” on your device. This will help you to completely erase your data and all the settings on your phone.

Now your phone will not have any kind of data, all the data have been permanently erased and it’s like a brand new phone. Now you can easily sell or donate your phone to other without any worry of your personal data and information.

*Trial version only scans and previews erasable files.

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Method 2: Delete Text Messages From Samsung Phone

You can delete all the text messages or you can delete them particularly from your Galaxy device. In this method you will find two ways to delete text messages – one will delete all messages and another will deleted specific messages which you want to delete.

The SMS can be deleted permanently when they are overwritten with the new messages. But there is no guarantee that they cannot be recovered by any data recovery tools.

However, you can follow the below steps to erase text messages from Samsung phone.

Steps To Delete All Text Messages From Samsung Galaxy

Step 1: On your Galaxy phone, tap on the Messaging app to open it.

Step 2: After that, select the messages you want to delete.

Step 3: Lastly, tap on Delete button.

Permanently Deleted Text Messages On Samsung

Steps To Delete Particular Text Messages

Step 1: Open the Messaging app and then open the particular message.

Step 2: Then, long press on the particular message that you wish to erase.

Step 3: Next, tap on Delete to enter edit mode.

Step 4: Now, tick mark on the other messages.

Step 5: Lastly, tap on “Delete” option.

Permanently Delete Texts from A Conversation On Samsung

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Method 3: Factory Reset Your Samsung Phone To Delete All Text Messages

If you have decided to sell your phone and wanted to delete all text messages from it then you can factory reset your phone. This will not only delete SMS but also delete images, videos, documents, installed apps, all app’s data, and all other data saved on your phone.

Note: If you don’t want to delete other data except text messages then you should first backup those data before factory resetting your phone.

Below, learn how to factory reset Samsung phone to deleted all text messages from the Samsung phone.

Step 1: Open Settings app on your phone.

Step 2: After that, tap on “General Management” option.

Step 3: Then, select “Reset” option.

Step 4: Now, tap on “Factory data reset”.

Step 5: Next, you will get a list of all data types that will be deleted.

Step 6: Finally, tap on “Reset”.

Factory Reset Samsung Phone To Delete All Text Messages

Note: Wiped text messages and other data via factory reset will not be permanently deleted, they can be retrieved using the data recovery software.


I hope the above solutions will be helpful for you to permanently delete text messages from Samsung phone. Please remember that you can’t permanently delete SMS by erasing them manually or by doing a factory reset. Only Android Eraser software will permanently erase text message history from your Samsung phone.

Therefore, you are recommended to use Solution 1, where I have discussed about Samsung Test Messages Eraser software.