How To Recover Voice Recordings/Audio Files On Samsung

Recover Deleted Voice Recordings Or Audio Files From Samsung Phone

Find Out Some Different Methods To Retrieve Deleted Audio Files or Voice Recordings From Samsung Phone!

Summary: Have you lost some important voice recordings from your Samsung phone? You need that audios files but you are unable to recover them back to your smartphone. Don’t Worry! In this article, you will learn some effective and working methods on how to recover voice recordings/audio files from the Samsung phone.

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How Voice Recordings/Audio Files Get Deleted From Samsung Phone?

You can lose voice recordings from Samsung phones due to many reasons. But here I have discussed some of the common reasons that can lead to the deletion of voice recordings from your device.

  • When you are deleting other files but accidentally tapped on the audios files that are valuable for you.
  • While using your phone to take pictures, receive calls, use social media apps, etc. in water areas like swimming pools, rivers, ponds, etc. and suddenly your phone dropped from your hand and you lost voice recordings along with other files.
  • Some virus inters in your smartphone and it corrupts all your data with audios files.
  • You have done a factory reset to fix your phone from hanging and due to this your lost your voice recordings and other data from your Samsung phone.
  • You have locked your phone so that nobody and access your phone and view your data.
  • While transferring audios files to another phone or computer and suddenly power cuts can also delete those audios files.

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Let us have a look at a real practical example!

Practical Example: A User Looking To Restore Deleted Voice Recordings From Samsung Galaxy Core

how can i recover my deleted voice recording from Samsung galaxy core?

I deleted some of my imp audio recordings from my Smsumg mobile.

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Where Are Voice Recordings Stored On Android?

All your recorded voice recordings or audio files are stored on your phone’s storage and it is stored in File Manager. If you have installed any third-party app for recording then you will find the audio files with the app name in the File Manager.

For example, if you are using voice recorder app for recordings, then you can find the recording in the following path on your Android :

The internal storage location would be- /storage/emulated/0/VoiceRecorder/my_sounds/filename.

You can also see the recorded voice recordings on the menu of the voice app. You can also use the File Manager app to see the audio files.

Now, you have the question – How do I retrieve deleted voice recordings on Samsung?

These are effective methods that can recover audio recordings from the Samsung phone.

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Method 1: Restore Lost Voice Recordings/Audio Files From Samsung Phone Using Google Drive Backup

If you have enabled Google Drive and have uploaded audios files manually before the deletion then you can easily restore voice recordings to your device. You can also recover deleted voice recordings from Samsung phone without PC by using Google Drive Backup.

Here are steps to restore deleted or lost audio files or voice recordings from your Samsung phone using Google Drive backup.

Step 1: On your device launch Google Drive app and then find the audio files in the storage. You can also enter the name of the audio file or tap on the search box and select the Audio option.

Step 2: After that, the files will be filtered and shown on the phone’s screen.

Step 3: Now, you can download the audio files.

Note: Remember that your device is connected to a good Wi-Fi connection.

Step 4: Next choose the file name by tapping and holding it to restore several files. You can also tap on three vertical dots and you will find some options on the device’s screen. Here you can select any one of the options from the two options named “Make Available Offline” or “Download”.

Restore Audio Files From Google Drive On Android

After a few minutes, all your audios files will be back to your Samsung phone.

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Method 2: Use Android Data Recovery Software To Recover Voice Recordings/Audio Files From Samsung Phone

Android Data Recovery is famous and mostly used software to recover deleted data without back up until they get overwritten. So, you can use Android Data Recovery which is a suitable Samsung Audio Recovery Software to retrieve deleted voice recordings on your Samsung phone without backup.

By using this software you can also recover other types of data from Samsung and other Android phones such as photo, video, voice memos, call recordings, call history, contacts, text SMS, WhatsApp conversation, notes, documents, calendar and many more.

You can recover voice recordings/audio files from internal storage as well as an external SD card. The software recover all types of audio files like .mp3, .midi, .flac, .wav, .midi, etc.

Note: Do not add any new audio files and other data to your phone because it will overwrite the existing data which will lose the chance of successful audio recovery.

Here, follow the full steps to recover deleted or lost audio files or voice recordings from Samsung phone without backup using Android Data Recovery software.

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Extra Tip: Avoid Future Audio Files Loss From Samsung Phone

Backup always help you when you accidentally or due to any reason lost your voice recordings and other data therefore it is strongly recommended to backup audio files and other important data to a safe place.

You can also try Android Backup & Restore software to backup voice recordings or audio recordings/files. The software provides you the option to selectively backup and selectively restore audio files whenever you need them.


So, by following the above-mentioned methods you can easily recover deleted voice recordings/audio files from Samsung phone no matter whatever reason behind the deletion. If you have taken backup then it became very easy to restore the deleted/missing files.

But if you don’t have backup then try Samsung Data Recovery software to recover deleted files from the voice recorder app and external SD card.