Learn To Recover Deleted Call History From WhatsApp On Android

How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Call Logs on Android

Summary: Have you accidentally deleted call history from WhatsApp on Android? Or do you lost call logs from WhatsApp on Android phone? Well, not to worry! Go through this post and you will learn the effective methods to recover deleted call history from WhatsApp on Android.

What Is WhatsApp Calling Feature?

WhatsApp calling provide you feature that has helped people stay in touch with close ones without paying enormous calling charges.

Since Whatsapp calling has become a popular feature, As all WhatsApp messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted for security. All messages, photos, videos, files, and calls are completely secure – only the sender and receiver of any message will be able to see the contents.

Even WhatsApp can’t have access to the message’s contents. You can also protect the app with a PIN (known as two-step verification). 

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Is It Possible To Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Call Logs On Android?

If you’ve also accidentally deleted your WhatsApp call logs and want to restore it on your Android smartphone.

Firstly, you need a backup file. When you are creating your WhatsApp account, there is a backup option available. If the feature is turned on then you can retrieve all your Whatsapp call history using that backup file.

However, this solution has a few loopholes. Firstly, WhatsApp creates call backup after a particular time. If you find that the daily backup is getting too much then you can change the auto chat backup settings and you can select the option for backup which you find best for you. The backup options which are available on WhatsApp are – Daily, Monthly, Weekly, and OFF. If you select Off option among them then you can’t recover the WhatsApp history or when you switch to new phone.

So, if the call history has been deleted before you created the backup then you will not be able to get back lost WhatsApp calls from the cloud backup file. Secondly, when you restore the backup file using the Cloud backup then the new call logs will be overwritten. It is clear that you will lose some call logs when you restore the cloud backup.

Anyway, let’s find out the methods below that will help you to retrieve lost WhatsApp Call History from Android.

Method 1: Recover WhatsApp Call Logs From Recent Backups

You can recover the missing WhatsApp Call history using Cloud backup from Google Drive.

Follow some easy steps given below,

  • Uninstall and then again install Whatsapp on phone.
  • Now, set up your WhatsApp account with the help of instructions provided on the screen. Remember to add the same phone number that you were using previously.
  • When the verification process gets completed, WhatsApp will automatically find the Google Drive backups.
  • Simply, tap on “Restore” to get back WhatsApp call logs from Google Drive.

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Method 2: Get Back Deleted WhatsApp Chat History From Local Backup

WhatsApp also saves WhatsApp backup files in your local storage. So, to recover old call logs that is not available in Google Drive backup you need to use the local backup.

Here, follow the steps to restore the lost WhatsApp call history via local backup.

  • Open “File Manager” and click “Whatsapp”
  • Scroll down and click “Databases.”
  • Here, you’ll see files with “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12” choose the right file (according to the date) and rename it to “msgstore.db.crypt12”. If you have already a file with the same name then overwrite it with the newer file.

Retrieve WhatsApp Call History From Local Backup

  • Next, uninstall Whatsapp and reinstall it on your phone.
  • Create your WhatsApp account with the same number and restore the backup again. Whatsapp will automatically use the backup file that you’ve renamed earlier, and you’ll get the desired call logs back.

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Method 3: Best Way To Get Back Lost WhatsApp Call History From Android

Fortunately, there are some other solutions present to avoid such problems. A lot of tools are available in the market that can help your task done, and you can recover the deleted WhatsApp call logs from Android hassle-free.

However, from a great pool of options, you might be confused about which one is better for us. And that is why we are here introducing one of the most recommended tool that is Android data recovery which is a perfect WhatsApp Call History Recovery software. The software will help you to easily retrieve deleted/lost/missing/erased/disappeared call history from Android. Not just call history, you can even get back all your WhatsApp data easily, such as photos, videos, audio, WhatsApp attachments.

Note: You are advised not to do any WhatsApp call or receive any call and do not add any new data on your device as it will overwrite the existing data and you will lose the chance of successful recovery of WhatsApp call history.

Here follow the complete steps to recover deleted WhatsApp call logs from Android with the help of Android Data Recovery software.

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Extra Tip: Handle WhatsApp Call History Deletion or Loss

To handle WhatsApp call history deletion or loss, below follow the steps to manually backup WhatsApp data, including call history on your Smartphone.

Steps – How To Make WhatsApp Backup Manually On Your Smartphone?

All the Android smartphones using WhatsApp version number 2.12.45 and above contain enable back by feature default. Generally, WhatsApp backup all your messages, videos, audios, and documents by itself to your Gmail ID, which you use in Google Play Store every day at 2 AM. But, you can create a backup by yourself anytime to any Gmail ID. Even if the phone is not connected to the internet, WhatsApp makes a local backup dump on your phone. You can copy and keep it on another phone or computer to restore your WhatsApp.

Below, follow the steps to make WhatsApp backup on Android device:

  • Tap on your “WhatsApp” app. You can back up WhatsApp from within its Settings menu.
  • In order to backup WhatsApp, make sure your device is synchronized with Google Drive.
  • Tap on Android’s menu button. See 3 vertical dots.
  • Hit on “Settings“. You will find this option in the lower right corner of WhatsApp.
  • Click the “Chats” tab and then your Chats preferences will be opened.
  • Then click “Chat backup”. Here, you will find few options:
  • “Back up to Google Drive” – Back up your messages to Google Drive.
  • “Auto Backup” – Toggle auto-backup settings. You can select “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly”, or “Off” (the default).
  • “Include Videos” – Enable this option so that videos will be included in backup settings.
  • Tap “Back up to Google Drive”. This will allow you to select the frequency of backup.
  • To backup WhatsApp conversations frequently you need to tap ” Back Up“. After this, the backup process will continue. (Note: Your phone and Google Drive should have enough space)
  •  Select an account on which you want to save your WhatsApp backup. If that Google account is not registered, then add the account by tapping on “Add Account” and give your email address.
  • Select a network, which you want to use at backup time. To do this tap on “Back up over” then tap network.
  • If you will use mobile data rather than Wi-Fi then you may pay money for it.
  • Wait until the backup process gets completed. If you backup WhatsApp chats for the first time then it may take few minutes.

When you reinstall WhatsApp on your same device or on another device then login to it with the same phone number. Then WhatsApp will tell you to restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive with the help of the internet or from WhatsApp’s local backup.

While restoring WhatsApp backup manually from local backup, you will require the file to be copied to the new phone or device, or you can also keep the backup file in the external memory card for WhatsApp, so that you can restore the files during the initial setup. You will find the latest WhatsApp local backup on your phone with date and time in WhatsApp within “Databases” folder with the help of File Manager or File Explorer app.

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People Also Ask

Question – Are WhatsApp calling safe?

Answer – Whatsapp gives you an end-to-end encrypted platform to keep your chats and video/voice calling data safe from the company also and others.

Question – Can we view WhatsApp video calls on web.WhatsApp.com?

Answer – When you connect your Whatsapp with the web.whatsapp.com website, then it will only show the messages you seen on your mobile device.

We can say it shows you a replica of your Whatsapp. But, when you receive any call, this is the actual activity going to happen on your mobile device, so you cannot view WhatsApp video call on there.

Question – Is there any way I would be able to export my WhatsApp call logs?

Answer – Open the chat you wish to export, click on More > export chat and there the option will come to choose > without media or include media after selecting it directly to mail option.


That concludes our methods of how to cover deleted WhatsApp call history on Android devices. If it got deleted due to some reason, we ensure that you will be able to retrieve your WhatsApp calls/chat following this method hassle-free.

As per experts, it is highly recommended that you must first try Android Data Recovery software.

If you find this method helpful do share it so that it can help others.