How To Fix Samsung Z Fold4/Flip4 Android Auto Not Working

How To Fix Android Auto Not Working On Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Z Fold 4

The Android Auto feature is one of the most useful features, that help you to play music, make phone calls, stream videos, navigation and many more while driving. You can use it without touching your phone. This feature allows you to access and control your phone on a car infotainment screen while you drive.

However, sometimes the Android Auto feature does not work on Samsung Galaxy phones.

If you are also facing this issue on your Galaxy Z Fold4/Flip4. Don’t worry! In this article, you will learn how to fix Android auto not working on Samsung Z Fold 4, Flip 4. You can follow the solutions one by one and check if the issue is solved or not.

But before going to the solutions, let us know about what are the common causes of the issue.

Reasons: Why Android Auto Stopped Working On Galaxy Z Flip4/Fold4?

These are the common reasons why the Android Auto feature stopped working: –

  • Due to incompatibility problems, the feature is not working.
  • The use of a corrupt USB cable is causing the issue.
  • An out-of-date software version is also causing the issue, and you can’t use the Android Auto feature.
  • Due to wired/wireless connection errors.

These are the common reason that can cause the issues.

Now, let’s start with the effective solutions to fix Android Auto not working on Samsung Filp4/Fold4.

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Solution 1 – Make Sure Your Vehicle (Car) Is Compatible

Well, not all vehicle supports the Android Auto feature. So, make sure that your vehicle (car) is compatible with the feature.

The feature works with: –

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 (+), and Note 9 with Android 9.0.
  • All Samsung devices which are running with Android 10.0 or above, can able to use the feature.

You can check the list of compatible vehicles and stereos on the official website of Android Auto Compatibility and know about the compatible vehicles and stereos. It keeps updating the list whenever a new stereo or vehicle is added.

Make sure your vehicle (car) is under the compatibility list before using the Android Auto feature.

Solution 2 – Force Restart Your Device

The force restart workaround is highly suggested to you to perform, because it fixes all the minor bugs and glitches that might malfunction while connecting the device to Android Auto feature. The force restart is a very effective workaround. These are the steps to force restart your device.

  • Press Volume Down Key + Power Key at the same time and hold it until the Samsung logo.

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Solution 3 – Update Android Auto App And Phone OS Version

An out-of-date software version and Android Auto app can cause various issues like Android auto not loading/working on Galaxy Fold 4/Flip 4, and it also breaks the system. If your phone is not updated to the latest version of the software, then check and update to the latest version. After updating the device, also update the app.

These are the steps to update the Samsung phone software.

  • Navigate to Settings and tap on Software updates > Check for updates.

Update Samsung Phone OS

These are the steps to update Android Auto application.

  • Open Google Play Store and search Android Auto, then tap on Update.

Update Android Auto App On Android

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Solution 4 – Check Car’s System Compatibility

Not all the car’s infotainment systems are compatible with the Android Auto feature. Make sure your car infotainment system is compatible with the feature. Many cars come with infotainment systems that support this feature. You can check the list of compatible infotainment systems – Here.

Moreover, also check you are not connecting your device to another Android Auto or that Android Auto is not connected to any other device.

Solution 5 – Unplug And Then Plug The USB Cable

Reconnect USB Cable To Car Infotainment System

If you are using an irregular USB cable, then it can cause an issue with the Android Auto feature. If the USB cable is not plugged properly in your car port or the phone, then you may face issues like no connection. So, plug the USB cable properly.

If the issue is still not solved, maybe your USB cable is damaged. Hence, use another USB cable.

If the issue is still not fixed, then follow the basic mentioned solutions to fix the issue.

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More Solutions To Follow To Fix Android Auto Isn’t Working On Galaxy Z Flip4/Fold4

These are the more solution to fix the issue: –

  • Maybe your car’s head unit or stereo system is not working properly, then restart your car’s head unit to fix it.
  • Try to forget the connected cars and add them again to fix the issue.
  • Clear the cache file of Android Auto app.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, if you are using wireless Android Auto.

People Also Ask

1. Why Android Auto isn’t Working on My Phone After Update?

Due to some incompatibility problems, after updating the software version, the Android Auto feature stops working on the device. In such a situation, you have only two choices. You can uninstall the recent updates or wait for new updates.

2. Do All Samsung Phones Is Compatible With Android Auto?

Yes, Samsung devices are compatible with the Android Auto feature, but not all devices are compatible with it.

  • If the phone runs with Android 11.0 or newer, then it works with Android Auto.
  • Samsung and Google phones running with Android 10.0 or newer.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8 (+) running with Android 9.0.

You can check the list of stereos that are compatible with smartphones which is mentioned in Solution 1.

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3. Why Android Auto is not getting connected with my Samsung Fold 4?

There could several reasons why Android Auto is not getting connected with the Samsung Fold 4. These are some common reasons.

  • Corrupted updates (bugs).
  • Damaged or irregular USB cable.
  • Incompatibility problems.
  • And more…

Read the above-mentioned guide to quickly solve Android Auto not connecting problem with Samsung Fold 4.


Android Auto is one of the most amazing features, you can use it while driving. But sometimes it causes issues, and it stops working on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Fortunately, in this article, we have provided some effective solutions to fix Android Auto not working on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4/Flip 4. You can simply try the solution one by one and check if the issue is fixed or not.

If you find this post helpful and useful then share it, as it can help others.