What To Do To Fix Samsung Black Screen Of Death

How To Fix Black Screen On Samsung Galaxy Phone

Find Out 7 Solutions That You Can Follow To Troubleshoot And Fix Samsung Black Screen Of Death By Yourself!

Summary: After doing some research online, I have found in several forums and community websites that there are many Samsung phone users out there, whose phone got stuck in black screen. So, if your Samsung phone has also got stuck at black screen of death, then don’t worry. Just go through this article as it provides various solutions that will help you to fix Samsung black screen of death problem.

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Samsung is very popular smartphone among various brands of smartphones. Now Samsung has become the toughest competitor of Apple and the other biggest Android smartphones and tablets.

Since, Android operating system is an open source operating system that allows each brand to make their smartphone with unique and outstanding features. And Samsung has used this open source operating system to make a world class smartphones. However, even smartphones have drawbacks and Samsung’s smartphones is also not free from drawbacks.

We have found that many Samsung phone users reported in various forums and community websites that their phone got stuck at black screen. They are asking help for a solution on how to fix Samsung black screen of death.

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Below find out the real user practical example.

Practical Example: A User Experiencing Black Screen On Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Galaxy Tab A 10.1 powers on but screen is black and unresponsive

I have a friends Galaxy Tab A 10.1 the screen just went black. I powers on and responds to touch on the back and apps keys. I can’t even get it to turn off. The screen is completely black and doesn’t respond to touch. I can’t get it to turn off, I tried holding down the power button but it was still on. I left off of the charger over two nights then I plugged it in and charged it for about an hour and tried the home/power/volume up but nothing still black screen, and still sounds from back and apps key. What are the steps to troubleshoot this problem and possible causes.

Original Post From: IFIXIT

When phone gets stuck in black screen then it becomes completely dead. And nobody wants to keep a dead phone with them. Now let us find out what are the causes behind the black screen of death error.

What Is The Cause Of The Black Screen Of Death?

There are many causes behind the Samsung black screen of death. Here I have discussed some of the common causes for getting this issue.

  • Improper/incomplete software update.
  • Phone gets dropped on water or on floor from extent height.
  • System crashed.
  • Low battery.
  • When running official firmware.
  • ROM flashing the device.
  • Rooting the device.
  • And so on…

So, those are the causes for the Samsung black screen of death issue. Now let us below find out the symptoms of Samsung Galaxy black screen of death.

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Symptoms Of Samsung Galaxy Black Screen Of Death

  • Smartphone work slowly and take more time to complete an action.
  • Device becomes insensitive but the green light keeps blinking.
  • The phone starts freezing and rebooting.
  • Phone behaves strangely and it restarts automatically.

When your Samsung phone stuck in black screen of death then your Android phone become dead.

Now the question arises – How to fix black screen of death error on Samsung smartphone?

Well, you don’t have to worry, below find out the solutions by yourself.

Solution 1: Soft Reset Your Samsung Phone To Fix Black Screen Of Death

This is the very first step you must follow to fix your Samsung black screen of death that is to just soft reset your device. Soft reset includes the taking out the battery that add extra step to cut all the power of the smartphone. A simple soft reset includes turning off your Android phone and take out the battery, re-insert it back and then then restart your phone.

Soft Reset Your Samsung Phone

If your Samsung phone comes with non-removal battery then try to power OFF your phone and after sometimes switch on your device.

Solution 2: Turn Off The Dark Screen Mode Of Your Galaxy Phone

If it is possible to access your Samsung phone then make sure your Samsung dark screen feature is turned off. If it is not off then follow the below step to do so.

First go to Settings>Accessibility>Vision>Dark Screen and then disable the option (Dark screen mode).

Disable Dark Screen Mode On Samsung Phone

Solution 3: Remove SD Card To Fix Samsung Back Screen Of Death Issue

Sometimes if you have incompatible SD card on your Samsung phone then you can get the black screen death issue. To fix this issue, take out the SD card from your Samsung phone and then restart your Galaxy phone. I hope you will not see the black screen error.

Remove SD Card To Fix Samsung Black Screen Of Death

But still if you want to use the SD card on your phone then you can use compatible SD card in your Samsung smartphone.

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Solution 4: Boot Device To Safe Mode To Get Rid Of Black Screen Error

You can also fix the Samsung black screen error by rebooting your device into Safe Mode. To boot your device into safe mode, press the “Power” button then tap and hold Power OFF option, now choose the “Safe Mode” option to enter into safe mode on your Samsung phone.

Boot Samsung Phone In Safe Mode

Solution 5: Boot Samsung Device To Recovery Mode And Perform A Factory Reset

You can also fix this black screen problem by simply putting the device into recovery mode.

Follow the below steps to boot your phone into recovery mode:

  • Switch OFF your Samsung phone. Press and hold the “Volume Up” + “Home” + “Power” button together.
  • When your device start vibrating, release the “Power” button at the same time keep holding the “Volume Up” and “Home” button until the Samsung screen comes.
  • From the main Recovery Mode menu, tap “Wipe Cache Partition” (Press the Volume Down & Power button to choose the option).

Wipe Cache Partition On Samsung Galaxy

  • Once the cache partition is cleared, then your Samsung Galaxy device will reboot automatically.

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Solution 6: Hard Reset Samsung Device To Reboot Android System

Hard reset is one of the methods to fix your Samsung phone stuck in black screen.

Note: Hard reset will erase all data stored on your device, hence it is suggested that if it is possible then first backup your Samsung phone.

Follow the below steps to hard reset your Samsung device to fix black screen (Here we have given the steps of Samsung Galaxy S6 as an example which also works in every model of Samsung phone).

  • First you have to switch off the Samsung Galaxy S6. If it is not turning off then take out the battery for a second and put it back again.
  • Press and hold the “Volume”, “Home” and the “Power” button all together till you get the Android logo on screen.
  • Navigate to “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option by the use of Volume button and then select it by pressing the “Power” button. Now select “Yes, delete all user data” to confirm the option.
  • Wait for the factory reset process to get complete.
  • Once completed, reboot your device by selecting the option of “reboot system now” and after that use “Power” button to select it.
  • Once phone restart, it will be ready to set-up again.

That’s all!

Solution 7: Try Android Repair Tool To Fix Samsung Black Screen Of Death

If all the above solution does not solve your problem then you are strongly recommended to try Android Repair Software to fix Samsung phone black screen of death.

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This Samsung Repair tool also allow you to solve the issues like black or white screen of death, apps keep crashing, stuck in recovery mode, stuck at Samsung logo, system update failure, system crashed, stuck in bootloop and many more.

This Samsung Repair Software boosts the sluggish performance of your phone. Also repair the hang or freeze issues of Samsung phone.

It supports all latest Samsung phones, including Samsung Galaxy S10/S10e/Fold/S9/S8/S6/S7/S5/S4, Galaxy Note 10/10+/9/8/7/5, Galaxy tab, etc.

Below follow the steps to fix Samsung black screen by using Android Repair software.

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Steps To Fix Samsung Black Screen Of Death With Android Repair

Step 1: Connect Your Android Phone To Computer

Download, install and launch Android Repair Tool on your computer then click on “Repair”.

Now connect your Android phone to computer with the help of USB cable and choose “Android Repair” from the available options.

In the next window, select the correct device information that are brand, name, model, country and carrier. After conforming the warning message hit “Next” to continue the process.

The Repair (Android) software may delete all your files which is stored on your Android device. Please enter the number “000000”to confirm to continue the process.

Note: You are highly advised to back up your Android data before using the Android Repair Software as it will erase all your device data.

Step 2:  Enter Download Mode To Repair The Android Device

Before repairing your Android, you need to boot your Android phone in Download mode.

Follow the below steps to boot your phone or tablet in DFU mode:

Steps for the Android device which has Home button:

  • Switch OFF your Android phone/tablet.
  • Then press & hold the Volume Down + Home + Power button for few seconds (say about 5s to 10s).
  • Release all the buttons and press Volume Up button to enter the download mode.

Steps for the Android device which has no Home button:

  • Switch OFF your Android phone or tablet.
  • Now press and hold Volume Down + Bixby + Power for few seconds (say about 5s to 10s).
  • Release all the buttons and press Volume Up button to enter the download mode.

After that, click on “Next”.  Now the software will start downloading the firmware.

When the downloading and verifying the firmware gets completed, then the software automatically starts repairing your Android phone and tablet.

After sometimes, you will see that all your Android system issues are fixed.

*Trial version

Extra Tip: How To Avoid Samsung Galaxy Sudden Black Screen Of Death

You should follow some of the tips to avoid Samsung black screen of death:

  • Upgrade your Samsung phone with suitable firmware.
  • Don’t install the apps from other unknown sources, install it from Google Play Store.
  • Check your battery is properly working or not, if it is not working properly then replace the battery.
  • Do not charge your Samsung phone for longer period of time.
  • Use antivirus app in order to keep virus/malware away from your smartphone.


I hope from the above 7 solutions you were able to fix your Samsung back screen of death issue.

But in case, if Solution 1-6 do not solve your issue, then it is strongly recommended that you must try Android Repair Software to fix the Samsung black screen of death which is mentioned in Solution 7.