Dropped Samsung Galaxy Buds In Water? Here How To Fix!

How To Solve Samsung Galaxy Buds Dropped In Water

Dropped your Samsung Galaxy Buds in water? First, you should don’t panic and stay calm and try the fixes mentioned in this guide.

As you know Galaxy buds are not waterproof nor suitable for use in water. So, if it got sweaty or rain, then you need to clean it instantly.

But, if you dropped it in water, then what you should do?

In this article, you will know the tips and tricks on how to fix when Samsung Galaxy Buds dropped into water.

Let’s check out the tips and tricks.

How To Solve Samsung Galaxy Buds Dropped In Water?

Note: These fixes will work for all earbuds no matter what you have if you are using Galaxy Buds live, Galaxy Buds 2, etc. It will work on them too.

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Method 1. Try Cleaning With Microfiber Cloth

Whenever your Samsung buds dropped into water, then you should always clean them with a dry and soft cotton cloth.

You can use a towel, microfiber cloth, or dry napkin to clean it.

Clean Samsung Galaxy Buds With Microfiber Cloth

If something juicy or sticky falls on it, then you can clean them with a slightly wet cloth and clean it gently, so that you prevent damaging the bud.

Also, try to clean the case using a cotton swab.

Method 2. Place The Buds In A Slightly Warm Place Or Under The Fan

You can put your Samsung buds under a fan to drain the water a bit faster than normal or can place them in a warmer place.

But keep in mind that if you don’t overheat it, otherwise, you will end up causing damage to internal components.

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Method 3. Remove Water From Your Samsung Buds And Case By Turning Them Upside Down

In case, if you dropped both your case and buds into the water, then we suggest you turn them upside down. It will let out most of the water.

Somehow, if it has a little moisture, then dry it by putting it below a fan.

Perform both these tips as longer as you can, it will help you in fixing your buds as well as its case.

Method 4. Try Drying your Galaxy Buds Using Silica Gel Packets/Desiccant

Many users dropped their Samsung buds and put them in a rice bag to dry, in panic. But we recommend, instead of doing that, try drying it with silica gel/desiccants.

We suggest this because putting the buds in unlocked rice can occur scratches on it or there is a slight possibility that tiny rice grains can get inside the earbuds.

The major benefit of using them is that they can absorb the droplets that you can’t even see properly.

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Method 5. Try Checking Your Galaxy Buds Sound

Now, it’s time to check if the above-mentioned tips are working properly or not by hearing their sound quality.

Now, try connecting to your Samsung smartphone with Bluetooth, with maximum base try playing a song, if it works as it worked before, then you got luck.

Check Your Galaxy Buds Sound Quality

If you find that ambient sound is not working on your Galaxy Buds, try troubleshooting.

As you know, ambient sound prevents you from getting into dangerous situations, it needs to be fixed quickly.

Well, we suggest not using the earbuds within the next 48 hours until the moisture completely dried from them.

Method 6. Try Replacing your Samsung Galaxy Buds

If you find out that none of the tips help you in fixing the problem and your buds are still not working, then you can take it to your nearby service center for repair.

You can even try to dry it for another 24 hours, may you get lucky and ended up fixing the problem. Who knows if it actually helpful for you right?

Extra Tips: Prevent Water Damage On Galaxy Buds

These are some tips that you can follow to avoid water damage to your buds. So that you will not end up helpless again.

#1: Always empty your pockets before washing, so that you can avoid unwanted scenarios.

#2: When you are swimming or taking a shower, try to keep your buds away from water.

#3: Don’t place the buds next to a water bottle or filled glass of water, etc.

#4: Don’t carry your earbuds when going to the sauna and steam.

#5: Try wrapping your Samsung buds with waterproof cases to prevent unwanted situations.

#6. When you dropped the buds in water, dry them by placing them in a rice bag or silica gel for 24 to 48 hours. Once done, then reset them using Galaxy wearable app and try checking it sound.

These tips will help you avoid such situations “I dropped my galaxy buds 2 in water” or “galaxy buds pro water damage”.

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Related Questions Also Asked By Users

1. What To Do If You Drop Samsung Buds In Water?

Try drying it by using a soft cotton cloth and clean its microphone, earpiece, touchpad, charging contacts, and touch sensor.

It’s the best thing you can do when this kind of situation occurs. Also, try to shake your buds to remove excess water.

2. Will Samsung Earbuds Work After Being Washed?

Samsung earbuds are not water resistant, so if it gets washed or fell in the water, they might get off for some time.

It would be best if you dried the earbuds properly in order to use them again. Use a cotton cloth, silica gel, or put them under a fan to dry them.


Samsung Galaxy Buds are not water resistant, so you need to take extra care of them to prevent water damage.

I hope these methods will help you in fixing the problem of Samsung Galaxy buds dropped in water.

Check out the extra tips so that you will not repeat the same mistake again.