[Fixed] Ghost Touch Problem On Android Phone

How To Fix Ghost Touch On Any Android Smartphone

Find Out Effective Ways On How To Fix “Ghost Touch” Issue On Any Android Phone!

Summary: Is your Android phone doing all the taps and touches by itself? You can call it “ghost touch”, if this is happening on your phone then don’t get panic as you are not alone who is facing this problem there are many Android users who are going through this issue. Just read this article and you will find some effective ways to fix the ghost touch on Android.

What Is Ghost Touch Issue On Android?

When your phone keeps taping on things that you are not tapping on, when you keep your phone away from you or when you are not touching it or when you have kept the phone in your pocket then its display opens by its own and does random touches and taps when such things happen in your Android smartphone then it can be called ghost touch issue.

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Reasons: What Causes Ghost Touch On Android?

What Causes Ghost Touch On Android

As there could be many reasons which can cause a ghost touch problem on your Android. If you are thinking that this is a software issue then you are wrong. The issue can occur when you touch your phone’s screen with dirty hands or even when your device’s screen gets dirty. If you charge your device with a faulty charger then this can also cause ghost touch issues.

When you are using tampered glass (screen protector) then it can interfere with your device’s digital working and cause this particular problem. Even when your phone gets overheated then this can also be the reason too. The fall of your device from a height damaged your phone and can cause ghost touch as it damaged the digitizer.

So, these are some of the reasons which can cause ghost touch on your Android phone.

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Let us see a practical example!

Practical Example: A User Face Ghost Touch Problem On Android

Ghost Touch issues and how to fix it

Hi there. I have an issue with my android device that is my phone has a ghost touch problem but only in a pixel of my phone (randomly touched but only in a coordinate) (shown in my photo) (x = 119.8 , y = 702.2)

I have an idea to fix this problem. that is to disable this pixel of the screen from sending input signal. Are there any way to do this thing?

My phone is rooted

Source: XDA Developers

Now, the question is – How do you fix ghost touch on Android?

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Well, we will come to the solution section, but before that, you have to take care of a few things. Here is what you need to do.

Before You Start

Before you start the methods to fix the issue, you should take care of few things. They are as mentioned:

  • Remove all external accessories like charger, headphones, etc.
  • Enable Accidental Touch Protection. For this go to Settings > Display and then turn on then toggle on Accidental touch protection
  • Turn off touch sensibility by going to Settings > Display. Scroll down and turn off Touch sensitivity
  • Update touchscreen firmware. To do this, open Phone app and dial *#2663#. Next, tap on TPS FW update (General).
  • Disable automatic screen rotation.
  • Reduce screen brightness.

Well, after taking care of these things, you can then follow the below-mentioned different ways which can help you to fix ghost touch or automatic touch problems on your Android phone.

16 Methods To Fix Ghost Touch On Android

Note: Below mentioned solutions are applicable for all Android brands and models such as Samsung, OnePlus, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Motorola, Sony, Google Pixel, LG, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, ZTE, Realme, HTC, Panasonic, Huawei and all other Android Phones.

1. Force Restart Your Device: As you, all know that restart a smartphone can fix many problems. So, you can also try to force restart your Android to fix the touchscreen sensor on your Android. Restart will clear the temporary programming glitch which may be responsible for the ghost touch issue.

However, if your phone’s touch is malfunctioning then it will become difficult to restart the device. On some devices, you will need to press some buttons to force restart. All Android phones’ function is different, so it is better to find the steps on Google to force restart your Android phone.

2. Remove Your Phone’s Screen Protector And Case Cover: Almost every smartphone user uses a screen protector and cover to protect their phone’s screen and the device itself. They are very useful and they really protect your phone from drop and scratch but sometimes it creates problems. If dust particles or moisture enter between the screen protector then it can result in ghost touch problem.

It is very easy to remove the screen protector (tempered glass). You need to just peel the screen protector from one corner of the phone’s screen.

3. Clear Running Apps In Background: If there are many apps running in the background then these can cause software bugs and can result ghost touch. Hence, you should clear the running apps from the background.

Though the steps to do this is different in different Android devices. But the basic process is do this is by opening the overview panel by tapping on the overview key or swiping halfway up from the bottom of the screen.

If gesture navigation is turned on your phone then you can swipe left, right, up, or down to clear particular app.

Note: You should also uninstall the apps that you notice is causing issue while using them.

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4. Update Your Android Device: As we have said that this error rarely cause due to software bugs or glitches Even this, older version of Android OS can result this problem.

Therefore, you are advised to check the pending update for your Android phone.

  • On your phone, launch the Settings app.
  • After this, hit on System and then on System update.
  • Now, tap on Check for update.
  • If you find the update then simply follow the on-screen steps to Download and Install it.

5. Take Breaks Between Screen Usage: You can also solve this isssue on Android device by keeping your phone in normal temperature. And whenever you use your phone remember to take a break between screen usages. You need to take care of it especially when it gets hot. Also, you should not use it near burning fire, in direct sunlight, under hot temperature, etc.

6. Clean Your Phone: To get rid of ghost touch on your Android, you need to clean your phone, you can also replace the screen protector and then clean it well.

7. Turn Off Gestures: It depends on your device model and Android version, you will have access several gestures. So, you should turn off all like 3 finger screenshot, double-tap on wake up, misoperation prevention, etc.

For this, you need to head to Setting > System > Gesture. From here, disable all the options.

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8. Reset All Settings: Incorrect settings can also trigger this issue. So, you can try to reset the settings to its default and then check it done the job or not.

Here are the steps to reset all settings:

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Then tap on System > Reset Options.
  3. Now, select Reset and then hit on Reset All Settings

9. Factory Reset: You can factory reset your phone to fix the auto touch problem. But before performing factory reset, backup your phone’s data as it will erase all your saved data in your device.

10. Change Phone’s Screen: If the screen is damaged or if water drops/moisture/dust particle enters in it or if the screen becomes weak then this can also make tap and touches by itself. So, to fix this you need to change the screen of your device.

11. Return Your Phone: If your device is still in the warranty period then you can change your phone and get the new one that does not have ghost touch problem.

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12. Remove Faulty Charger: Faulty charger can also cause this irritating issue on your device, so you should change the charger and then check the issue is solved or not.

13. Use Piezoelectric Igniter: Use this method very carefully as it can harm your phone. So, you should follow this solution at your own risk. To fix the dead zones or ghost touch of your device you need to use the piezoelectric igniter to spark your phone’s screen. Use this igniter on those areas of your device’s screen which is not working. After doing this you can check if the issue is fixed or not.

14. Check The Overheating Problem: You should check that your phone is not overheating because it can also cause ghost touch issue.

If your mobile overheats then you should remove the phone cover and glass, delete applications that consume more battery, and don’t use many system resources.

Now, check the ghost touch problem on your phone is solved or not.

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15. Scan Your Android For Malware: Malware infection on your phone’s system can also result this error. Hence, you need to check it by opening the Google Play Store and hitting on your profile. After this, choose the Play Protect option to see if any apps are harmful on your phone.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Storage. Choose Cleanup button and clear junk file, unwanted app data, duplicate files, and unused applications.

16. Take Your Phone To Technician: If you are not able to fix this issue then lastly you should take your phone to the nearer mobile technician shop. They can fix the issue on your Android smartphone.

17. Repair Your Screen: If you have dropped your smartphone from height or on hard surface then you may go to the repair shop and get it repaired. Because the damaged or fault hardware can cause this touch problems.

If your phone’s touch screen is not working properly then it might be possible that the digitizer is damage. The digitizer is a layer of glass that is placed over your device’s LCD layer that change analog touch into digital signals.

So, simply visit the repair shop and ensure if the hardware is the real culprit or not.


I hope from the above article you were able to easily understand what is ghost touch issue on Android, what are the causes behind it and how you will fix this ghost touch on your Android phone.