S Pen Keeps Disconnecting On Samsung Note 10 (Plus) – Fix Now!

How To Solve S Pen Keeps Disconnecting and Not Working on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus

Find Out 15 Methods To Fix S Pen Keeps Disconnecting Or Not Working On Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus!

Well, the Samsung note series comes with a pen that was introduced as S Pen. Many users use it for scrolling through websites or notes.

Recently I was scrolling through the communities and I find out that many users having issues with their S Pen.

They keep asking for suggestions on what to do if Samsung S Pen keeps disconnecting or not working.

Some users facing not working problem and some of them are facing keep disconnected error on Note 10 Plus after update.

So, I decided to share this article with you as it can help the users to fix the problem who are suffering from it.

This is the complete article on how to fix S Pen keeps disconnecting or not working on Samsung Note 10 (Plus).

There could be several reasons behind this issue.

But, before moving to the methods, let’s check out the common causes.

Causes: Why Does My Note 10 Pen Keep Disconnecting?

  • Due to software related issues.
  • An outdated software version.
  • Maybe it is on low charge that’s why it’s not working.
  • If S Pen nib is damaged.
  • Due to pairing issues.
  • Due to incompatible screen cover or case.
  • Due to the corrupted cache of Air Command.
  • Maybe you didn’t allow the required permission to Air Command.

These are the common causes of the issue.

Now, let’s move to the quick fixes that you can try before performing the aggressive ones.

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Quick Fixes: How Do I Fix My S Pen Keeps Disconnecting Problem?

  1. Check compatibility, if you have purchased an S Pen and tried to use it on your device that is not compatible with it, then it may not work as well.
  2. Restart your device, if you have experienced the disconnecting or not working problem, then the very first thing you should restart the device to fix it.
  3. Try to re-pair it, if your device popups the disconnected messages, then you can try to unpair and re-pairing it. To do so, insert the S Pen into your phone, then remove it. Do this method at least 3 times to fix the issue.
  4. Try to turn off the Bluetooth, if you are experiencing connection issues, then turn off the Bluetooth. To do so, go to Settings > Connections > disable Bluetooth. After that, connect the pen again, then turn on Bluetooth.
  5. Try removing your phone’s screen protector, if the pen is not working properly, then it could be due to your overprotective screen protector. To fix it, try removing the screen protector and check whether the problem is fixed or not.
  6. Check your phone’s settings, if you have enabled battery saver mode or Airplane mode, then it will not work as well. So, try to keep turning it off.
  7. Ensure your phone is not in a contact with magnet, check if your cover or case does have not any metal or magnet, because it can interrupt the connection between the phone and S Pen. So, try removing the case or cover.

These are some of the quick fixes, try to fix the problem by performing these methods.

If the quick fixes can resolve the issue, then you can check the other method to solve it.

Now, let’s move to the effective methods to troubleshoot the issue.

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Fix S Pen Keeps Disconnecting Or Not Working On Samsung Note 10, Note 10 Plus

1. Verify S Pen’s Operational Range

First, you should check its operational range before doing troubleshooting.

  • If you are trying to open the camera using S Pen and the device is too far from it, then you may face lag and a freezing experience.
  • If you want to use Air actions or remote features, then your phone and S Pen need to be in the range of about 30 feet.
  • If you are using the S Pen far away from its maximum range, then it can cause disconnecting problem. In such a case, you need to re-insert it into the device.

2. Enable Touch Sensitivity

If your device is functioning on low sensitivity and having problems of disconnecting or not working, then it’s time to increase the touch sensitivity on your phone.

These are the steps to do so.

  • Go to Settings and tap on Display Symbol.
  • Now, choose Touch Sensitivity, then switch the toggle to the on position.

At last, check if you are able to use it properly or not.

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3. Charge Your S Pen

If the pen is not completely charged, then you cannot use it properly, it will only last for 200 clicks.

If you have detached the pen from your phone and used it for a long time, then its battery will get drained and may not work flawlessly.

These are the steps to check the battery life.

  • Go to Settings > Advanced Features.
  • Now, tap S Pen, then select Air Action.
  • Now, you will able to see its battery life.
  • If the charging is low, then insert the pen into your phone and leave it for a while.

4. Turn On Air Actions

if you are not able to use S pen gestures, then you should enable Air Actions to use it flawlessly.

By doing this you can easily use it without any disconnecting issues.

These are the steps to do so, go to Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > toggle on the switch next to Air Action.

Turn On Air Actions

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5. Update Your Device

An outdated software version can also cause the issue. So, you can update the software to fix it.

First, check for the updates, if it’s available then simply download and install it.

These are the steps to follow.

  • Navigate to Settings > Software update.
  • Now, tap on Download and install.

Update Phone OS Version

At last, check whether the issue is fixed or not, and if it still exists, then move to the other method.

6. Disable Air Actions

If you keep experiencing connection issues, then you can try to turn off Air Actions. It can resolve the problem easily and you may not face the disconnecting problems.

These are the steps to follow.

  • Go to Settings and tap on Advanced Features
  • Now, select S Pen and toggle off the switch next to Air Action.

Turn off Air Actions

After that, reboot your device, then turn on Air Action again. The steps are quite the same to enable Air Actions instead of turning off the toggle switch it to the on position.

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7. Allow All Required Permission To Air Command

Well, if you didn’t allow the permission to air command, then the S Pen may not work. To use it, you should grant Physical activity and Nearby Devices permissions.

These are the steps to do so.

  • Open Settings and go to Apps.
  • Now, choose Sort & Filter icon, then select Show System App.
  • After that, tap on OK.
  • Now, select Air Command, then tap Permissions.

Allow all required permissions to Air Command

Now, make sure that the Physical activity and Nearby Devices permission has been selected to Allow, if not, then select the Allow option for both of them.

8. Clear Cache Of Air Command

Many users reported that their s pen disconnected after update.

Well, as we mentioned earlier, a corrupted cache can also interrupt S Pen functionality.

So, you can try clearing its cache to fix the issue quickly.

By doing this all the temporary bugs and glitches will be fixed.

These are the steps to follow.

  • Navigate to Settings and select Apps.
  • Now, tap Sort & Filter icon, then simply turn on the toggle next to Show System Apps.
  • Now, select Air Command App, then tap on Storage.
  • Now, tap Clear Cache and Clear Data one by one.

Clear cache of Air Command

After that, restart your Samsung Note 10+ and check whether the problem is fixed or not.

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9. Verify Power Saving Mode Settings

Usually, power saving mode doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the S pen until you enabled “Limit apps and home screen” on your device.

By enabling this feature the background activity of the selected app will be limited. Which can limit the functionality of the S Pen too.

These are the steps to do so.

  • Open Settings and tap Battery And Device Care.
  • Now, select Battery, then tap Power Saving.
  • Now, switch the Limit apps and Home Screen toggle to the off position.
  • You can turn on Power Saving mode, if you want to save battery.
  • At last, check whether it’s working fine or not, if not, then try disabling power saving mode.

10. Boot Your Device Into Safe Mode

The best way to find the culprit is to boot the phone into Safe mode.

It does not give access to third-party apps and you can easily find the culprit if any third-party apps causing the issue.

You can find the complete steps to enter or exit safe mode on Android phones.

After entering into safe mode, then move the S Pen to check if it’s working or not, if it’s working normally, then the third-party apps are causing the issue for sure.

Now, simply uninstall the recently installed apps one by one, then check if the problem is fixed or not.

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11. Replace S Pen Tip

If it is still not working, then you can try to change its tip. Fortunately, you can find extra tips and a tip detacher in a Samsung device box.

But the question is how can you change the Samsung Note 10 S Pen tip?

First, remove the tip by using the tweezers that come in the device box, then simply insert a new tip and make sure you don’t have to use excessive pressure to insert the tip.

12. Reset Your S Pen

If you are still not able to use it, then you can try to reset your S Pen. It can quickly solve the issue and you can use it as you used to before.

These are the steps to do so.

  • Go to Settings > Advanced features.
  • Now, tap on S Pen, then tap Air actions.
  • Now, tap the 3 verticals dots (More), then choose Reset S Pen.

Reset your S Pen to fix disconnecting issues

  • Now, it will reset by itself and get back to the default settings.

After that check whether it’s working normally or not.

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13. Try Using The Pen On a Different Phone

There might be chances that your S Pen already has an issue, in such a situation replacing it and buying a new one can solve it.

But, before going to the conclusion, you need to check if the issue is really on your pen or not.

So, try using it on a different compatible phone and check if it’s working fine or not, if not, then the issue is on your pen.

14. Factory Reset Your Device

If none of the methods work for you, then you can try to factory reset your phone.

The very first thing you should back up your data before resetting the phone.

Because, a factory data reset can wipe all your essential data and if you have backup the data before performing factory reset, then you can restore it later.

Once done, then it’s time to reset the device, it can bring the default settings back and resolve the issue.

These are the steps to do so.

  • Navigate to Settings > General Management.
  • Now, select Reset, then hit Factory data reset.
  • Now, scroll down and hit Reset, then tap Delete All.
  • Now, if you have a Samsung account, then it will ask for the password, simply enter the Samsung account password, then hit Confirm.

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15. Try To Warm Your Pen

Well, this workaround is a bit risky that’s why I put it on the last as you can perform it after performing the above methods, if they don’t work.

First, try to heat your S Pen with the help of a Hair Dryer, then insert it on your phone.

If you are a little bit scared that it can damage the pen, then you also warm it using your palms.

16. Buy An S Pen Alternative

You can also buy an alternative, if you are frustrated with its disconnecting and not working problems.

17. Contact Samsung Customer Services

If you are still not able to fix the problem, then you can try to contact Samsung Customer services. If your S Pen internal components get damaged, then you can repair them by contacting them.

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People Also Ask

Question – Why Does My Note 10 Pen Keep Disconnecting?

Answer – It could be a software glitch or your pen does not have enough charge that’s why it keeps disconnecting.

To fix it, try charging it completely and also update your device software version, then try pairing it again.

Question – How Do I Fix My S Pen On My Note 10?

Answer – If it’s not working on your Samsung Note 10, then try removing its case or cove and also remove the screen protector.

Boot the device in safe mode and also try updating your phone’s OS version.

Question – Which Samsung Phones Comes With S Pen?

Answer – These are the devices that come with S Pen.

  • Galaxy Tab S8.
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.
  • Galaxy Z Fold3 5G.
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Question – How Do I Use My S Pen?

Answer – If the pen is attached to your Samsung phone, then remove it by pressing down on the end, your phone will vibrate if it is removed from your phone.

If it is isn’t attached, then hold the pen over your phone’s screen and press its button on the end for 2 times.

Question – Will Samsung S Pen Work With iPad?

Answer – Well, it’s a feature provided by Samsung, and it’s a dedicated feature for Galaxy phones. So, it will not work on iPad, and it’s not compatible with it.

Question – Why Is My S Pen Not Connecting To My Note 10 Plus?

Answer – There could be several reasons behind it such as, outdated software version, not enough charge, and software glitches or bugs.

To fix it, you can update the software version and also try to charge it completely.

You can read the above-mentioned solutions to solve the problem as there are more methods.


Here is the complete guide on how to fix S Pen keeps disconnecting on Samsung Note 10, and Note 10 Plus.

If you have followed the mentioned methods, then you have successfully solved the problem.

I hope this guide has helped you, if it does, then do share it with others.