Fix: Screen Gets Too Hot While Taking Notes On Galaxy Tab S8+/S8

How To Fix Screen Getting Hot While Taking Notes On Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus or S8

I have been noticing on some of the community and forum websites that users of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus and S8 (negative or positive) complaining that their tab device screen getting too hot while writing or taking notes.

If you are also experiencing this issue then you might be worried and want to fix it as soon as possible.

So, in this post, I have described some of the solutions that might help you to fix screen gets too hot while taking notes on Samsung Galaxy S8+ or S8.

Let’s begin with the real user practical example!

Practical Example: A User Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Screen Gets Too Hot While Taking Notes

Screen getting too hot while taking notes S8+

Hey guys, has anyone encountered difficulty taking notes with the s pen because of overheating?

The screen just gets too hot for my palm.

I have the tab s8+

Practical Example Is From: Reddit

Let me tell you that there could be several reasons for your phone or tablet to get hot. When your device gets too hot, it will display the notification that will tell you that it is getting hot. And when it gets too hot, then it will shut down itself. But if there is no warning notification, then it means that your device is fine.

Some of the most common causes for a device to become hot are:

  • Your device is being used in the cover or case.
  • Your tablet/phone is charging.
  • Your device is running a power-intensive app. (it could be any app, including notes).
  • Your device is not up-to-date.
  • Or you are using your device in a hot environment.

Anyway, let’s now see the solutions to fix screen getting too hot while taking notes on Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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Solution 1: Remove Phone Case or Cover (If You Are Using One)

Are you using a phone case or phone cover? If yes, then it can increase the temperature. Hence, it is suggested that you must remove the phone case/cover in order to give your device more space to get cool.

Solution 2: Do Not Use Your Device While Charging

When your device is getting charged, it is normal your device will get slightly hot. And upon that, if you use the Notes app to take notes (or any other app), then it will make the device hotter. Hence, do not use your phone/tablet while it is charging.

Solution 3: Close Other Running Apps On Your Device

While you take notes using the notes app, you must close any apps that are running in the background or any apps that you are not using. Remember, that your apps will continue to consume some of the battery and processing power of your device, even if they are not in use and thereby making your device heated.

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Solution 4: Set Refresh Rate at 60Hz

If you are using an adaptive refresh rate, then it will adjust the refresh rate automatically, depending upon the app you are using. This particularly happens, when you use games apps or streaming services. It should not happen while you use the notes app. Even, though you must try to set the refresh rate to the default 60hz and see if the device temperature decreases.

Solution 5: Update Your Device To Latest Version

If your device and apps are not up-to-date, then your device might not work as efficiently as it should be, causing your device to get hot. Hence, it is always recommended that you must update your device software and apps as at when it becomes available. Apps and software updates are regularly released to keep the device running as efficiently as possible.

Solution 6: Do Not Use Your Device In Hot Environment

If you are using your tab/phone in a hot environment such as in hot weather, exposing the device to direct sunlight, it is likely the device temperature will increase. Hence, it is suggested that you must try moving your device out of the sun and give it some time to cool.

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Solution 7: Contact Samsung Support

If you have followed all the above solutions and still your Galaxy Tab S8 Plus or S8 (negative or positive) screen is getting hot while writing or taking notes, then in such cases, you must contact Samsung Support for further information.


So, those were the seven solutions, that might have definitely helped you in fixing the issue of screen getting hot while taking notes on Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+/S8 (negative or positive).

If you have found this article helpful, then do share it as it can help others.