How To Fix Skype Camera Not Working On Android

Skype Camera Not Working On Android? Here How To Fix!

Read 13 Effective And Proven Methods To Fix Skype Camera Not Working Issue On Android Phone And Tablet!

Skype is a popular app for making video and voice calls to friends, family, and colleagues worldwide. Along with voice and video calls, it provides many other features. However, Skype camera not working issue is faced by many Android smartphone users. If you are also going through the same problem then this guide will help you to fix Skype camera not working on Android.

Before you learn the solutions to fix Skype camera not working on Android, you should first learn why Skype camera is not working on your phone.

Why Is Skype Camera Not Working On Android?

The Skype camera not working issue can cause due to various reasons. Some of the common reasons are discussed below.

  • Wrong settings were selected within the Skype app.
  • If the Skype app is not updated to the latest version.
  • Your Android device’s operating system is running on the older version.
  • If you have not selected the camera (if you are using it for the first time).
  • If dirt or moisture has cogged your device’s camera.

Now, you have the basic knowledge of this issue and you are looking for the methods to fix Skype camera not working on Android.

So, let us start learning the methods.

Note: The below-mentioned methods are applicable to Skype as well as Skype for Business app and for all Android phone brands and models such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Huawei, Lenovo, Vivo, Oppo, Asus, Amazon Kindle Fire, Tablets, etc.

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Method 1: Restart Your Android Device

Restarting the phone is a basic method to fix various issues. So, you should also restart your Android phone to fix Skype camera not working on Android.

Though, every brand of Android phone has its own method to restart the device, hence it is not possible to give the exact steps to restart Android phone. But you can apply the basic steps to restart your Android phone. For this, you need to press and hold the Power key until you see the options on the screen. Now, from there, tap on Restart/Reboot option.

Method 2: Clear Your Phone’s Camera From Outside

If dirt or moisture has covered your phone’s camera then the camera will not work on Skype and all other apps that use your device’s camera. So, check it and if dirt or moisture has stuck upon your phone’s camera then clean it with the help of soft cotton cloth. After this, check whether you have solved the problem or not.

Method 3: Update Skype App

Another simple method to fix camera not working on Skype is by updating the app.

Below, learn how to update the app.

Step 1: Run the Google Play Store app on your phone.

Step 2: Then tap on the search bar and enter the name of the app (type Skype) there.

Step 3: After this, you will get Update button beside Skype app (if any update is available), simply tap on it to install the latest update. If you see Open button instead of Update button then it means that you are using the latest version of Skype app on your phone.

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Method 4: Check Internet Connection

If the speed of your internet connection is not fast then Skype will disable the camera. An unstable internet connection can also cause poor videos, buffering and sound quality issues.

If your camera turns off while you are on Skype video call then it means that your internet connection is slow or poor. When the internet speed picks up again then it will automatically re-enable the camera.

So, you should check your internet connection is not poor. For this, you can switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data or vice versa. You can also disable and enable Wi-Fi.

You can also restart your Wi-Fi or modem by unplugging it from the wall outlet. Wait for a few seconds and plug it in again.

Note: If your Skype camera is working properly and you are able to see your own camera feed in Skype app but the other person who is on call can’t see you then it is not a problem with your camera. It is caused due to poor internet connection of that person. In this situation, you don’t need to do anything. The person whom you have called needs to fix his/her internet connection.

Method 5: Close All Running Apps

If there are various apps running in the background then it can also slow down your phone’s internet connection. And some of the apps among them can slow down the Skype app and due to this, the camera will not work properly.

Therefore, you should close all the running apps and then see if the issue is solved or not.

Method 6: Update Your Android OS

If the Android OS that you are using is outdated then the Skype app may not be compatible with your phone and cause this issue.

Hence, you should check the latest update for your Android operating system and if you get the update then install it immediately.

Below, learn how to update Android OS to the latest version.

Step 1: On your smartphone, run the Settings app.

Step 2: After this, tap on About Phone or System Update.

Step 3: Now, your phone will check the update for your device.

Step 4: If you find the update then follow the on-screen steps to download and install it.

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Method 7: Activate Your Skype’s Camera

It might be possible that you have accidentally started an audio call on Skype. In this case, you can switch to a video call by tapping on the video camera icon while the voice call is going on.

Method 8: Check Skype App Is Not Down

It is also possible that the service is down and due to this Skype’s camera is not working properly. So, you should check the status of Skype app. If it is down then you can’t do anything instead of just waiting until it gets fixed.

Method 9: Charge Your Android Device

If the battery of your Android phone is low then Skype can restrict the functionality of the camera so that it can save power. In this situation, you need to plug your phone into the power source to check if this solves the problem.

Method 10: Make Skype Call To Other Person

You should make a Skype call to another person as it is possible that everything is good from your side but the problem is causing due to the person’s side who you are calling.

The app allows a feature that allows users to make a test call to a fake number. You can use this to check your Skype camera and other settings like your microphone’s audio levels.

You can begin the test Skype call by going to Settings > Audio & Video > Make a free test call.

Method 11: Check Skype App Compatibility With Your Android Phone

You should also check whether your phone is compatible with the app or not. Skype app has its minimum requirement for Android devices to use all features of the app.

You can read the list of minimum requirements for the app here. If your phone is old or the storage space is not enough and doesn’t meet the requirement then it is obvious that you will face Skype camera not working problem.

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Method 12: Set Your Skype Camera Manually

If you are using the app on your phone for the first time or if you haven’t used Skype in a while then you may need to select which camera you want to use.

To select it, run the Skype app and go to its Settings > Audio & Video and then choose your preferred camera from the menu.

Method 13: Try An Alternative App

If you have tried all the methods but still the camera of your Skype app is not working properly then you should try an alternative video chat app for the same.

There are many free apps available on Google Play Store that offer the same functionality as Skype. Some of them are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, and Line.

Most of your family member and friend has already installed any of these apps and they are using them on their phone. So, you can use any of these apps or make a video call from your Android phone to others.


Whenever you face any problem there are always some methods to fix it. I hope the method that I have mentioned above will help you to fix Skype camera not working on Android. Try these methods to fix the camera problem on Skype and if they get failed then you can use an alternative app for making video call.