Fix YouTube Video Stuck At Uploading or Processing 0% To 100%

How to Fix YouTube Video Stuck At Uploading or Processing

Read This Guide To Know Why YouTube Video Get Stuck And How To Fix YouTube Video Stuck At Uploading Or Processing 0%-100%!

You have made a video and decided to upload it on YouTube but while uploading, the video gets stuck at uploading/processing 0%, 84%, 94%, 95%, 99%, 100%. You have tried several times but get failed. Don’t fret! Now, you can easily fix this issue. In this guide, I am going to discuss all the potential methods to fix YouTube video stuck at uploading or processing from 0% to 100%.

Why YouTube Video Stuck At Uploading Or Processing 0% To 100%?

It happens due to various causes. Some of the major are listed below:

Poor Internet Connection: If the internet connection which you are using is unstable or poor then you will encounter slow uploading/processing. For example, if you are uploading 4K video then it needs more bandwidth up to 20 Mbps to upload on YouTube.

YouTube Server Problem: Sometimes server goes down in certain regions which causes the uploading problem. Also, when lots of people upload videos at the same time, then the server of YouTube gets slow and you face this error.

Problem With Video File: To upload videos on YouTube you need to take care of a few things.

  • Video should be encoded with YouTube supported file formats.
  • Some of the video formats consume more time to upload. To speed it up, it suggests you to use recommended upload encoding settings. So, if you use an unsupported format then change the format of the video.
  • It is obvious that large video will take a longer time to process or upload. So, you can compress it to improve processing/uploading speed.

Video’s File Size is too Large

Duplicate Video: If you are trying to upload a duplicate video then you will get stuck at the processing. So, delete the duplicate video or you can edit it and then try to upload it.

Community Guideline Strike: When you are uploading a video on YouTube then while processing they will see of the video follows the YouTube Community Guidelines, Terms of Use, Trademark Policy, and other legal stuff. If the video violates any rule then the process gets stuck and you will see an error prompt like:

  • Trademark Infringement.
  • Copyright/Content Claim.
  • Can’t upload. Your channel status or account settings currently don’t support uploads.

Can’t upload. Your channel status or account settings currently don’t support uploads

Exceeded Upload Limit: YouTube has a limit to upload videos in one day. This limit depends on your region, subscribers, channel quality, history, etc. So, when you reach the limit, you can receive an error message “Daily upload limit reached”. In this case, you need to wait 24 hours and then upload the video.

Daily upload limit reached

Other Reasons: If the video file is corrupted, or maybe your YouTube account is not verified. In case, if your account is not verified, then verify your account. See, the images below to verify account.

Maybe Your YouTube Account isn’t Verified

Verify Your YouTube Account

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Method To Fix YouTube Video Stuck at Processing Or Uploading 0% To 100%

Below-mentioned solutions can help you to fix different types of YouTube video processing problems. Such as:

YouTube video stuck at different processing/uploading percentages like 0%, 81%, 94%, 95%, 99%, or 100%.

YouTube video stuck at processing or uploading percentages like 0, 81, 94, 95, 99 or 100

Processing Abandoned. The Video Failed to Upload or Could Not be Processed

Processing Abandoned. The Video Failed to Upload or Could Not be Processed

Processing has started

Processing has started

The video is still being processed. Video quality may improve once processing is complete.

The video is still being processed. Video quality may improve once processing is complete

And so on…

So, in whatever percentages (from 0%-100%) your video gets stuck at processing/uploading, you can fix it. Below are the different methods to fix it.

We will first check out some of the basic tips.

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Basic Tips: Fix YouTube Video Stuck At 0, 95, 99, 100 While Uploading

  • Open a new tab and then copy-paste all the details and then upload the video again.
  • It is possible that when the YouTube is processing your video the browser tab for that gets closed. It seems to get stuck with the tab open. So, in this situation close the tab. This will complete processing successfully.
  • Delete the video and upload it again.
  • Update your YouTube app and web browser to the latest version. If you are using Chrome browser then you can update it by tapping on 3 dots at the top right corner. Then tap on Help > About Google Chrome.
  • Open an incognito window and then upload the video.
  • Clear cache and cookies of your web browser.
  • Try to use different browser for uploading video.
  • Disable anti-virus apps or software or VPN while uploading on YouTube. Once you have uploaded the video, enable it again.
  • Convert the video to different file format. For this, you can visit official Google list.
  • Compress the video. Lower resolution will help.
  • Render and export video again.
  • Use another uploading method.
  • Upload YouTube video as “Private” or “Unlisted”. Later make it as “Public“.

Upload Your YouTube Video as “Unlisted” or “Private”

Later Make Video Public

  • Delete or edit the duplicate video.
  • Delete the cache of YouTube app.

Once you applied these tips but the issue is not solved then follow the below methods.

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Method 1: Restart YouTube App Or Reload YouTube Web Page

You should first refresh the YouTube session. This will jumpstart the processing or uploading stage of the video. When you restart the app and reload browser then the uploading process gets resumes and continues.

So, you can use this method if the video has been frozen or stuck for a long time.

Method 2: Check YouTube Server Status

If the server is down then you will get this issue. Therefore, you should check the status of YouTube. For this, you can visit the Downdetector website. Here, you will get the live status of the app. If you find it down then you need to reupload the video when the server gets up.

Method 3: Check Internet Connection And Improve It

You need a stable internet connection to upload video on your YouTube channel. So, you need to check your internet connection speed by running a speed test at

If you find some speed drops then you can follow the below steps to improve your internet connection.

  • Turn off and turn on mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  • Switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi connection or vice versa.
  • Restart your Wi-Fi router.
  • Contact your internet service provider regarding slow internet connection.

Method 4: Avoid To Upload Video In Peak Hours

Various statistics and reports tell that Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are the very busiest day for uploading YouTube videos. And the busiest time is 5-9 PM.

So, you should avoid these timings to upload video without facing the problem under-discussed.

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Method 5: Allow Permissions For YouTube App

You need to provide some specific permissions on YouTube app to upload videos. These include phone’s camera, photos, microphone, and storage/files.

Below, learn the steps to allow permissions.

Step 1: Run the Settings app on your phone and then hit on Apps/Apps & notifications.

Step 2: Then select YouTube app and open it.

Step 3: Now, tap on Permissions and select permission under Denied.

Allow Permissions For YouTube App

Step 4: After this, choose either Allow or Allow only while using app.

Method 6: Send Feedback To YouTube

If you failed to fix the issue then lastly you can send feedback to YouTube. For this, tap on “My Channel” and then choose “Send Feedback”. Now, describe the problem in the description box and add screenshots.

YouTube will complete processing your video if your video is not copyright or violated.

In other scenarios, it will tell you the reason why you have failed to upload or process video.


YouTube is a very popular app worldwide and there are many people who run their channels and this is their source of income. They used to upload a new videos on regular, weekly, monthly, etc. But sometimes while uploading, the video gets stuck at some percentages (0%-100%) and they get irritated.

But now, you don’t, simply try the above-listed methods to fix YouTube video stuck at uploading or processing 0% to 100%. And then you can easily upload the video without being stuck.