Effective Methods To Fix White Screen On ZTE Phone

How To Fix ZTE Phone Stuck On White Screen

Find Out 8 Methods To Fix The White Screen Of Death (WSOD) On ZTE Phone!

Summary: I know how irritating you feel when you are using your ZTE phone and your ZTE phone’s screen become white. You tried again and again but the white screen of ZTE phone doesn’t come in normal mode. But, you don’t need to worry about it, in this blog I have discussed 8 methods on how to fix white screen on ZTE phone.

Let’s start with real-users practical example!

Practical Example 1: A User’s ZTE Z820 Got Stuck At White Screen

ZTE Frozen White Screen (OF DEATH)!

Hi Everyone,

I dropped my ZTE Z820 (Obsidian) on the floor face down. It now has a frozen white screen. I already attempted the hard reset that was recommended but it just flashes the white screen and then back to off. It, obviously, powers up, it rings, produces notification noises. I am extremely desperate, there is no possible way to afford a new phone! (My daughter and I just moved and absolutely need it!) Thank you so much!

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Practical Example 2: A User Experiencing White Screen Stuck Issue On ZTE Stratos Phone

My ZTE Stratos screen displays white now. How do I fix that?

I had a ZTE Stratos Straighttalk phone that would display only white for a few seconds when I woke it up. The few seconds increased over the course of maybe a week until the phone screen would, around 10% of the time, display normally and finally it stopped displaying normal color altogether.

Luckily, I had an extra ZTE Stratos at home, and just swapped the SIM and SD cards and started using that one. I downloaded all the apps I had before and started using them. One of those apps might have been the cause of this problem. It’s “Blue Light Filter” on the Playstore. The problem started within a day after using that app on both phones, so I think that might have been why it started. I just really can’t afford another phone and enjoy tgis one, so is there anything I can try?

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Just like above-mentioned practical example, there are several ZTE phone users encountering with white screen stuck issue.

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So, what is white screen and why ZTE phone get stuck on white screen?

Continue reading the article to find out the answer!

What Is ZTE White Screen?

ZTE white screen or ZTE white screen of death (WSOD) is one of the common problem faced by ZTE smartphone users. ZTE white screen can normally occurs when we switch ON our HTC phone but it rejects to boot up normally and is stuck at white screen or ZTE logo.

What Is Phone Stuck At White Screen or White Scren of Death (WSOD)

Such a screen is known as ZTE white screen of death because the whole screen becomes white and stuck or frozen at that. You do not have any option to navigate further and your phone does not get Switch ON.

ZTE phone stuck at white screen is might be a cause for many ZTE users because in this condition the phone does not get Turn ON and you can’t access data stored in the device. But this is not completely true, there are some tips and tricks that will help you to come out of white screen stuck issue on your ZTE phone.

But before that let us know some of the common causes due to which ZTE phones can get stuck at white screen.

Common Reasons Due To Which ZTE Phone Can Get Stuck At White Screen Of Death

There are many reasons which can cause white screen of death on your ZTE smartphone.

When your ZTE phone show white screen then you wants to know what is the reasons due to which phone got stuck at white screen of death issue.

So now let us see some of the reasons for white display problem in ZTE phone.

  • Mistakenly Damaged: Many times users drop their phone from extent height or into the water. When this happen then your phone get damaged and your phone may show white screen.
  • Improper Installing or Updating Apps: When you are installing or updating the app and while doing this if the process get stopped then it can also cause white screen on your Android phone.
  • Software and Hardware Problem: Due to your old phone the software and hardware does not work well and this can become the problem of WSOD.
  • Corrupted Data: If you have corrupted data on your Android phone then it put load on the phone’s processor and it can cause the white screen of death issue.
  • Improper Maintenance: When you do not take care of your device and only using it without any maintenance then it can show white screen of death.

So, those are some of the common reasons for getting the white screen of death on ZTE phone.

Anyway, let’s move to the solutions section to fix ZTE phone stuck on white screen.

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Method 1: Force Restart Your ZTE Phone

When you face this white screen of death issue on your ZTE phone then first thing you should do it to force restart your phone. Sometimes force restart solves many issues.

To force restart your phone you need to simply long press “Power” button. You might have to long press the power button for more than 20-30 seconds depending upon how long your device takes to recognize the Power off command.

Once your device gets completely OFF, turn it back ON.

Press the ‘Power’ button for about 8-10 seconds and wait for the phone to get boot in normal mode.

In most of the situation, the ZTE phone will get switch ON and you will be able to use it without any issue.

But in case, if your phone does not get switch ON or it still remains stuck on white screen, then follow next method.

Method 2: Remove And Re-Insert The Phone Battery

If battery is removable, then switch off your phone and then take out the battery. After few seconds re-insert the battery and then switch on your phone.

If battery is non-removable, then allow the battery charge to drain out to almost nil. After that plug-in your phone and charge it to full and then try to switch on it.

You should also check the battery of your ZTE phone. If your battery is not working well then you must replace the battery.

This should fix the problem, but if problem still persists then follow other methods mentioned-below.

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Method 3: Uninstall Apps That You Don’t Need/Use

Sometimes by uninstalling the unwanted application can also fix the white screen of death issue, particularly the app which you have installed and after that your phone got stuck in white screen.

Hence, if you are able to access device setting, then uninstall unwanted app.

To uninstall the apps open Settings > Application > Application Manager.

Tap on app which you want to remove and then tap on “Uninstall” option.

Uninstall App On Android

Method 4: Transfer Apps To Phone Internal Storage (If Installed On SD Card)

By transferring or moving your installed applications from your SD memory card to your phone’s internal storage can troubleshoot this white screen of death issue on your ZTE phone. To do this go to Settings > App and then choose the application which you wish to move. And then choose “storage” and then tap on “Move to internal storage”.

Move Installed App From SD Card To Phone's Internal Storage On Android

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Method 5: Clear App’s Data And Cache From Your Device

When you are using any application and at that time your phone’s screen become white then you should clear that specific app’s data and cache. If you are able to access your phone then clear the data and cache from your device.

To do this, open Settings > Application > Application Manager here you will find the list of all the apps installed. Here you need to choose the app by tapping on it.

Finally, tap on “Clear Data & Clear Cache” option for that specific app.

Clear App's Cache and Clear App's Data

Method 6: Take Out The Memory Card From Your Device And Insert Later

When the phone’s internal storage space is full then many users use memory card in their phone to store more data. So, if you are also using memory card in your phone then take out the memory/SD card from your phone to fix white screen on ZTE phone.

To do this switch OFF your ZTE phone and take out the memory card from your device. After sometime switch ON your device and wait till your phone start normally.

If your ZTE phone reboot to your phone’s lock screen or home screen, then put the external SD card again and then mount your SD card.

After you insert the SD card to your phone don’t forget to switch OFF and switch ON your ZTE phone.

Now see if your problem is solved or not.

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Method 7: Clean Or Change Your ZTE Phone LCD Connector

If your phone’s LCD connector is dirty then cleaning the LCD connector can solve this white screen of death on your ZTE phone. You should be careful with LCD connector as it is breakable.

Follow the below steps to clean the LCD connector to fix this white screen issue:

Step 1: Switch Off your phone and remove the back cover.

Clean LCD Connector Of Android Phone

Step 2: Remove the battery (optional), if removable.

Step 3: Now with the help of thin tool you need to very carefully unlock and slide the LCD ribbon.

Slide Out LCD Ribbon on Android

Step 4: Now look for dust particles or debris and clean the ribbon or replace it.

Step 5: Lock the LCD ribbon into its original place very carefully.

Lock LCD Ribbon On Its Original Place On Android

Step 6: Re-insert the battery and finally you can switch on your device and check for the issue.

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Method 8: Factory Reset Your ZTE Phone In Recovery Mode

If all the above methods do not solve your issue then factory reset your ZTE phone in recovery mode.

Note: Before doing factory reset you must backup your ZTE phone because factory reset will erase all your saved data from your device.

Below, follow the steps to factory reset your ZTE phone in recovery mode.

Step 1: Press together the “Power”, “Home” and “Volume Down” button, until you see a list of options. Your phone should be on Recovery Mode.

Step 2: Now scroll down with the help of pressing the “Volume Down” button to the option “Wipe data/factory reset”.

Wipe Data Factory Reset Android In Recovery Mode

Step 3: Press the “Power” button to confirm the option.

Step 4: Wait for the factory reset process to get complete.

Step 5: Once the process gets complete, your device may reboot automatically, if not then reboot your device and ZTE white screen stuck issue will get solved.

Note: Your all data will get erased stored in your ZTE phone, hence it is earlier suggested that you must take backup. However, if you have not taken the backup before performing this method, don’t worry, immediately try Android Data Recovery software which is capable of recovering erased data after factory reset from Android.


When you face white screen on your ZTE phone then you should not need to get worried. In this blog I have shared 8 methods that will help you to fix the white screen on ZTE phone. Simply follow the above-mentioned methods one-by-one and I am sure you will be able to easily solve ZTE phone stuck on white screen issue.