How To Fix ESP-BUIMET-003 Error In Fortnite

How To Fix ESP-BUIMET-003 Error In Fortnite

Are you getting the error “ESP-BUIMET-003” on PlayStation/Xbox/PC when trying to play Fortnite?

If so, you are not alone, there are many users out there facing this issue.

The full error is displayed as follows:


An error occurred while connecting to Epic servers. Please try again later.


In this guide, you will learn how to fix ESP-BUIMET-003 Error In Fortnite.

How To Fix ESP-BUIMET-003 Error In Fortnite

To fix ESP-BUIMET-003 in Fortnite, you have to first check the server status of Epic Games whether their all systems are operational or not.

Or else, you can try to change the DNS servers to the Google Public DNS.

Fix 1: Check Fortnite Server Status

Whenever you get the ESP-BUIMET-003 error, the first thing you have to check is the server status of the Fortnite game.

Here check the Fortnite server status.

You can also visit –

If you see that its server is down, under maintenance or having an outage, then you can’t do anything.

Instead, you have to wait until the issues is solved by the Fortnite team.

Fix 2: Change Your DNS Settings

If the server is up everything is operational and yet you are receiving the red box error ESP-BUIMET-003, then you have to change the DNS settings.

So, here find out how to change the DNS settings on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Steps To Change DNS On Xbox

  • Launch Xbox and go to its Settings > General > Network Settings > Advanced Settings.
  • Select DNS Settings > Manual.
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

Steps To Change DNS On PlayStation

Go to PS5 or PS4 Settings menu > Network > Set Up Internet Connection.

Depending upon the connection type, select Wi-Fi or LAN.

  • IP address setting: Automatic
  • DHCP Host Name: Do Not Specify
  • DNS settings: Manual
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • MTU settings: Automatic
  • Proxy server: Do not use

Steps To Change DNS On PC

  • Click on the Windows icon and search for Control Panel and open it.
  • Go to Network and Sharing Center > Connections (e.g., Ethernet/Wi-Fi).
  • Click on “Properties” and double-click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

Change DNS Settings On PC

  • Select “Use the following DNS server addresses”.
  • In the Preferred DNS server, enter “”.
  • In the Alternate DNS server, enter “”.

Update DNS On PC

  • Click on “OK” and then launch Epic Games Launcher and try logging in to it.


I hope this post has helped you to fix ESP-BUIMET-003 Error in Fortnite.

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