How To Recover Deleted Or Lost Data From Mi Mix Alpha

Best Methods To Recover Deleted Data From Mi Mix Alpha

Find Out Effective Methods To Retrieve Lost Data Such As Contacts, Messages, Call History, Pictures, Videos, Audios, Documents And Many More From Your Mi Mix Alpha!

Summary: Have you lost or deleted your data from your Mi Mix Alpha phone? Do you want to recover the deleted data from your phone? Don’t Worry! In this article I have discussed some effective methods on how to recover deleted or lost data from Mi Mix Alpha with or without backup.

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By using Android Data Recovery, one can easily:

  • Retrieve lost/missing/erased/disappeared/deleted data from your Mi Mix Alpha smartphone.
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  • Extract file from your device that have lost due to accidental deletion, water damaged, factory reset, forgotten screen lock, virus infection, ROM flashed, rooting, black or white screen, etc.
  • Preview the recoverable files within the preview screen of the software.
  • No technical skill is required for using this tool.

Download Or Buy Now Mi Mix Alpha Data Recovery Tool

Mi has launched many smartphone including high or low range and its smartphone are bought all over the world.

Among several smartphones Mi has also launched 5G surround display concept smartphone named as – Mi Mix Alpha. It is an expensive smartphone.

The Mi Mix Alpha phone is described as:

Mi MIX Alpha

5G Surround Display Concept Smartphone

Explore — Let the future contain more possibilities

The Display for Exploring the Future

Mi MIX Surround Display

The body is surrounded by ONE display

Explore Future Craftsmanship

Aerospace-grade titanium alloy!

as well as precision ceramic

and sapphire glass”

To know detail information, features and specifications about Mi Mix Alpha, please visit the official website – Mi Mix Alpha: The Official Site

Though this smartphone really have extraordinary good design, quality and features but just like other Android phones data loss still occur on Mi Mix Alpha.

But how data gets deleted or lost on Mi Mix Alpha?

Well, before we go to the Mi Mix Alpha data recovery solutions, let us first know – What are the reasons for the deletion or loss of data on Mi Mix Alpha?

Reasons For The Deletion or Loss Of Data On Mi Mix Alpha

There can be several reasons for the loss of data on your Mi phone. Below, I have mentioned some of the common scenarios for the deletion of data from your device.

  • Accidental deletion.
  • Water damaged.
  • Factory Reset.
  • Forgotten screen lock PIN/pattern/password.
  • Black or white screen of death.
  • Virus or malware infection.
  • ROM flashed.
  • Rooting the device.
  • System crashed.
  • Screen broken/cracked/smashed.

So those were some of the common reasons but there could be many other causes that can lead to deletion of files from your Mi Mix Alpha phone.

Now, let us move to the solution on how to recover deleted data from Mi Mix Alpha.

Method 1: Restore Deleted Mi Mix Alpha Data From From Mi Cloud Backup

Xaiomi provide its own Mi Cloud feature that is used to back up your Mi/Redmi phone data (including Mix Alpha) and when you need those data back then you can restore them from the Mi cloud backup.

So, if you have created backup of your MI Mix Alpha smartphone in your Mi Cloud storage then follow the below steps to restore the data of your device from Mi Cloud backup.

Step 1: First of all go to “Settings”.

Step 2: Then tap “Mi Account” and sign-in to your account.

Step 3: After that tap “Restore From Backup”.

Step 4: Next, choose the backup file from the given list and tap “Restore using this backup”.

Restore Xiaomi Phone Data From Mi Cloud Backup

Method 2: Use Google Drive Backup To Restore Deleted Mi Mix Alpha Data

You can restore your deleted photos, videos, documents files and folder from the Google Drive backup, but it is only possible when you have created a backup of those data to your Google Drive before its get deleted from your Mi phone.

So, if you have taken the backup of your Mi Mix Alpha to your Google Drive account, then below follow the steps to restore the Mi Mix Alpha data using Google Drive backup.

Step 1: On your Xiaomi phone, launch Google Drive application. You can also open it through Google Drive Webpage in any web browser.

Step 2: After that login to your Google account with the same ID and password that you have given at the backup time. After that you can view all the backed up pictures, videos, documents, files and folders.

Step 3: Now, select the file that you want to restore and then download them from Google Drive.

Restore Videos or Photos From Google Drive Backup

That’s it!

Method 3: Restore Deleted Data From Mi Mix Alpha Via In-Built Backup

Every phone provide their user to use its own in-built backup service called “Backup App”. If you have also enabled this service in your phone then it automatically backup your device data and files and in future if you face data loss then you can restore those data back.

Follow the below steps to restore your Mi Mix Alpha data from in-built backup.

Step 1: On your phone open in-built “Backup App”.

Step 2: Then select the backup file from the available list by looking the date and size of each backup file.

Step 3: After that tap “Restore” button and wait until the restoration process gets completed.

Recover Data From Xiaomi Phone Via In-Built Backup

Method 4: How To Recover Deleted Data From Mi Mix Alpha Without Backup

Some users forget to keep backup in their daily busy life and when they lost their data then they get worry about the lost data.

So, if have also forget to keep backup or have not created the back up of your Mi Mix Alpha, then you don’t have to worry, in this case you are highly recommended to try Android Data Recovery which is suitable Mi Mix Alpha Data Recovery software.

This Xiaomi Data Recovery software easily recover files like contact, text SMS, WhatsApp chats, pictures, videos, notes, calendar, audios, documents, call recordings, voice memos, music and many more.

The best part about this tool is that it recovers files from device’s internal storage and external SD card.

With the help of Mi Mix Alpha Data Recovery tool user can extract their data that have lost from their phone due to accidental deletion, ROM flashed, factory reset, black/white screen, forgotten screen lock PIN/pattern/password, system crashed, water damaged, screen broken/cracked/smashed, etc.

Note: When you knew/realize that your data have been deleted or lost on your Mi Mix Alpha phone then immediately stop using it and do not add any new data on it as it will overwrite the existing data and hence you will lose the chances of successful recovery of data.

Below, follow the complete guide on how to recover deleted data directly from your Mi Mix Alpha without any backup with the help of Android Data Recovery software.

Steps To Retrieve Data From Mi Mix Alpha Without Any Backup

Download, Install and launch Recover (Android) Software on your computer then click on “Recover”.

Now you have to connect your phone to the computer by using USB cable. Next you have to enable USB debugging on your Android phone. When your phone gets detected then you will get the screen as shown below.

Step 2: Choose Your File Types To Scan

When your phone gets connected, then Recover (Android) tool will show your all phone’s data type which it supports to recover. By default, it has already have a check mark in all the file types. You can simply select those file type which you wish to recover.

If your device is not rooted, Recover (Android) will show two options – first is “Scan for deleted files” and second is “Scan for all files”. If you choose the option “Scan for all files” then it will take longer time but also scan all your files thoroughly.

Now you have to click on “Next” to continue the data recovery process. The software will first analyze your device.

And then software will continue to scan your device to rescue your deleted data. It will take some time.

Step 3: Preview and Recover Deleted Data

When the scan process gets completed, now you can preview recoverable data. Select the files which you want and click on “Recover” to save all the erased data on your computer.

Extra Tip: Avoid Data Loss From Your Mi Mix Alpha

It is always suggested that you must backup your phone’s data because you never know when unexpected data loss or deletion can occur on your phone.

You can keep backup of your Mi Mix Alpha in Mi cloud, phone’s in-built backup, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

However, one of best way to backup your Mi Mix Alpha smartphone’s data and files is by using Android Backup & Restore which is perfect Mi Mix Alpha Backup & Restore Software because it gives you the options to backup different types of data. It also gives you the options to selectively backup and restore data of your Mi Mix Alpha smartphone.

Here learn the step-by-step guide to backup and restore Mi Mix Alpha.


As we all know that data can get deleted or lost from our phone anytime so we must keep habit to regularly backup our phone’s data. So, form the above Mi Mix Alpha data recovery solutions I hope you were successfully able to recover deleted data from Mi Mix Alpha with or without backup.

In case, if you do not have backup, then you are highly recommended that you must try Android Data Recovery as it helps you to directly recover deleted/lost data from your Mi Mix Alpha phone without any backup.