How To Recover Deleted Or Lost Data From OnePlus 10T

Two Methods To Recover Deleted Data From OnePlus 10T

OnePlus smartphones are known for their fast and outstanding performance, battery, camera and many more.

But data loss is one of the things that can occur in any phone, including OnePlus 10T.

Have you accidentally deleted your data such as, contacts, videos, photos, text messages, call logs, etc. on your OnePlus 10T smartphone and you are trying to get those essential data back, then don’t worry! In this article, you will learn about how to recover deleted or lost data from OnePlus 10T. You can simply follow the solutions and their steps to easily recover your data.

Well, there are many reasons behind data loss. So, before going to the solutions. Let’s know what are the reasons behind the data loss/deletion on your OnePlus smartphone.

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Causes Of The Deletion/Loss Of Data From OnePlus 10T

These are the common reasons behind the data loss, some of them are given below.

  • System Crash.
  • Accidental Deletion.
  • Phone Damaged.
  • Water Damage.
  • Forgotten PIN or Password.
  • Jailbreak or ROM flashing.
  • Factory Reset.
  • Virus or Malware Infection.
  • Black Screen of Death.

These are some of the causes of data loss, but no need to worry, because you can easily get those essential data back by following some simple solutions. So, let’s move to the effective solutions to recover lost or deleted data from OnePlus 10T.

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Solution 1 – Restore Deleted Or Lost OnePlus 10T Data Using OnePlus Switch

Well, if you have created a backup of your phone data using OnePlus Switch before it got deleted from your phone, then you can easily restore them with the help of backup. These are the steps to restore the lost or missing data using OnePlus Switch backup.

  • Connect your smartphone to a steady Wi-Fi connection.
  • Now, simply run the OnePlus Switch app on your device.
  • After that, select “Backup and Restore” situated at the bottom of the phone’s screen, then choose “Restore Backup”. Now, select the recent backup file.
  • Now, you can able to view all the backed-up files. Simply, choose the recently backup file that you want to restore on your device. After selecting the file, tap on “Restore” option to restore it on your phone.

Restore Backup Using OnePlus Switch

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Solution 2 – Recover Deleted Or lost OnePlus 10T Data Without Backup

If you are not able to find what you need from a backup, or if there is no backup available OnePlus Switch or in the recently deleted folder, then in such a situation, you can use Recover (Android) which is a popular and easy to use OnePlus 10T Data Recovery software that has the power to help you to recover deleted or lost data from OnePlus 10T without backup.

OnePlus 10T Data Recovery software helps you to restore several types of data like videos, photos, voice/call recordings, contacts, calendar, notes, voice memos, contacts, WhatsApp messages and attachments, music, documents, text messages, call history, audios, and many more.

This tool helps you to restore data that have been deleted/wiped because of water damage, forgotten lock screen PIN/password/pattern, factory reset, black screen of death, accidental deletion, jailbreak or ROM flashing, system crash, phone damaged, etc.

The Data Recovery software for OnePlus 10T allows you to preview the recoverable data within the preview screen of software, before you finally restore it. You can select and restore the deleted videos, pictures, and other deleted files, that you want to restore on your phone.

Note: Once you lost/accidentally deleted the essential data on your smartphone, try to avoid using your phone or adding any other new data on your device until you recover those data back. Because adding new data can overwrite the current existing files, and you will lose the possibility of successful data recovery.

Here you can check the complete steps to recover deleted or lost data from OnePlus 10T without backup using Recover (Android) software.

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Extra Tip: Always Backup Your OnePlus 10T Data To Avoid Data Loss

Well, you are highly recommended to back up your data regularly. Because it can prevent data from unexpected or accidental deletion. OnePlus phone offers many ways to back up data such as Google Drive, OnePlus Switch, Dropbox, Google Photos, etc.

You can try another method to back up OnePlus 10T data with the help of Phone Backup software. Because those apps didn’t backup all kinds of data, therefore you need the Phone Backup software to backup all kinds of data. This software will back up your phone data to your PC. If you want to back up the data selectively, then you can also do this using Phone Backup software.


Well, sometimes your essential data gets wiped or deleted accidentally on your OnePlus smartphone, and you are not able to restore those data back. So, this is the complete guide on how to recover deleted or lost data from OnePlus 10T.

The above two solutions can help you to recover your data, but among both solutions, we recommend you to go for Solution 2 and try Recover (Android) software because it can retrieve the deleted or lost data with some simple process and without any backup. I hope this article has helped you in recovering deleted or lost data on your OnePlus 10T.

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