How To Backup & Restore OnePlus 8/8 Pro [Best Method]

Backup and Restore - OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro

Find Out Best Method To Backup Data Like Contacts, Photos, Videos, Call Logs, SMS And Many More From OnePlus 8 And 8 Pro And Restore Them Back!

Summary: Every user keep lots of valuable data like pictures, videos, contents, WhatsApp chat, text messages apps, etc. on their smartphone. And they wish to back up these important data safely in their phone or in other place. So, if you also want to back up your OnePlus 8/8 Pro data then you have come in right place. Read this article and you will get best method of how to backup and restore OnePlus 8/8 Pro.

Why Backup Is Important?

Today almost every user have at least one smartphone. In that phone they stored many important information which they don’t want to lose at any cost. Backing up important data helps you when you accidentally delete or due to any other reason lose them from your OnePlus 8/8 Pro. Thus, backup plays a very important role in our daily busy life.

Now, let us see the best method to backup and restore OnePlus 8 (Pro) data.

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Effective Method To Backup And Restore OnePlus 8/8 Pro

Android Backup And Restore software is a famous third party tool that helps you to back up OnePlus 8/8 pro and other Android phone’s data. It is one of the suitable OnePlus 8/8 Pro Backup and Restore tool.

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With the help of OnePlus Backup & Restore software you can backup data like pictures, call history, contents, call/voice recordings, text SMS, notes and attachments, calendar, etc from your OnePluss 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro phone to computer. And later (whenever you want to) you can restore those backed-up data back to your OnePlus phone from computer.  

This software backup all the above mentioned data as well as it provides you to selectively backup files from your OnePlus 8 (Pro).

Below, follow the full steps to backup and restore OnePlus 8/8 Pro using Android Backup & Restore software.

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Steps To Backup OnePlus 8/8 Pro

Step 1: Connect Your Phone To Computer

First launch Android Backup & Restore Software on your computer then click on “Backup & Restore”.

Now you have to connect your Android phone to computer with the help of USB cable. You have to enable the USB debugging mode on your Android phone and tablet. If your Android OS version is 4.2.2 or above then you will see a pop up message on your Android phone or tablet and it will ask you to allow USB debugging. Simply, tap on OK button.

Then click on “Backup” to back up your data.

If you have used this software earlier to backup your device, then you can view your past backup data by clciking on “View backup history”.

Step 2: Choose Data Type To Backup

Once your Android phone is connected, choose the data type which you want to backup. By default, the Android Backup & Restore tool already have a tick mark in all the file types. After that click on “Backup” to continue the backup process.

Wait for sometimes because this backup process will take few minutes. During the backup process, you don’t have to disconnect your Android phone and also don’t use your device or erase any files from your Android device.

Once the backup process gets completed, you can view the backup data by clicking on “View the backup”.

Congratulations! You have successfully able to back up your OnePlus phone data.

Now, learn the steps to restore backed-up data from computer back to OnePlus 8/8 Pro.

Steps To Backup OnePlus 8/8 Pro

Step 1:  Connect Your Android Phone To Computer

Launch Android Backup & Restore tool on your computer after that click on “Backup & Restore”. Then you have to connect your Android phone/tablet to the computer with the help of USB cable.

Step 2: Select The Backup File That You Want To Restore

After that click on “Restore” button, the software will show all the backup file on your computer.

You have to choose the backup file from which you want to restore and then click on “View” next to it.

Step 3: Preview & Restore Backup To Android Phone

Here you are able to preview each file in the backup. Now you can check the files which you want to restore then click on “Restore”.

The complete process will take few minutes.

During the process don’t disconnect your Android phone and also do not open any Android phone management software.

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Extra Tip: What If You Do Not Have/Kept Backup Of Your OnePlus 8/8 Pro

If you do not have any type of backup file or if you have not created backup of your OnePlus 8/8 Pro and you have accidentally deleted your important data from the device, then in such situation you are highly recommended to try Android Data Recovery software which is a perfect OnePlus 8/8 Pro Data Recovery tool.

Best part about this OnePlus 8 Data Recovery is that it is available for Windows and Mac computer.

The OnePlus 8/8 Pro Data Recovery software will help you to recover data like contacts, call logs, call/voice recordings, videos, images, text messages, WhatsApp conversations, notes, audios, voice memos, documents and many more.

Here follow the steps to retrieve deleted or lost data from OnePlus 8 (Pro) without backup using Android Data Recovery tool.


You should regularly backup your OnePlus 8/8 Pro. Android Data Backup & Restore software backup your OnePlus 8/8 Pro data with ease. You can use this tool to backup different type of files to computer which you can restore back to your device from computer, whenever it is required.