How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra/S24/S24 Plus Power Button Not Working

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra,S24,S24 Plus Power Button Not Working

Samsung Galaxy series is a powerful and high-end smartphone with great features including battery life, processor performance and screen brightness.

But recently many users have reported that their power button is not working.

It could be frustrating if your power button isn’t working or it is loose that buttons came out.

So, what to do if your Samsung power button is not working?

In this article, you will learn how to fix the power button not working on the Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra.

Let us discuss the solutions that will help you to solve the power button issue on the Galaxy phone.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra/S24/S24 Plus Power Button Not Working

Here are some of the solutions to fix the power button not working problem in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus 5G.

Solution 1: Check the Power Button

At the very first step, you need to check the power button whether it is working properly or not.

Sometimes you may have dropped your phone and your power button got damaged, broken, or stuck.

If it is damaged then you have to replace it and if it is just stuck then you should gently press it or shake your device to get unstuck it again.

Solution 2: Clean The Power Button Gaps

As your power button is in contact with the open atmosphere, it has a high chance of getting dirt and debris stuck around the gaps.

In that case, use a toothpick to clean the dirt carefully and gently otherwise it could damage the power button even worse.

Solution 3: Remove The Phone Case (If Using One)

It could be possible that your phone case is the reason that the power button is not working.

If your phone case is bulky and thick then it may interfere with the power button and it may seem like the power button has the issue.

So, press the power button without the phone case.

Solution 4: Update Your Samsung Galaxy

If there is a software issue then updating your device to the latest version will be the best solution to fix power button which is not working.

Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1: Go to Settings > System Updates.

Step 2: Tap on Download and Install.

Step 3: Then tap on Download Now (if update is available).

Step 4: After the download is completed then tap on Install Update.

Note: If your phone software is already on the latest software version then a message saying “Your software is up to date” will appear.

Solution 5: Reboot Samsung with Developer Options

You can restart your phone by going through Developer Options.

Follow these steps to do so:

Step 1: Go to Settings then tap About phone.

Step 2: Select Software Information.

Step 3: Then tap on Build Number (7 times).

Step 4: Enter your PIN, pattern, or password to enable the Developer options menu.

Step 5: Now, go to Developer Options.

Step 6: Enable the Advanced reboot. (It may depend on the model)

Advanced reboot

Solution 6: Enable Motion & Gesture

This is an alternative method to wake up/turn off your phone without using the power button.

You just need to go to Settings > Advanced features > Motion and Gestures where you can customize the accessibility according to your convenience.

Motion and Gesture

Solution 7: Contact Samsung Support

If you are not comfortable with Motion and Gesture and your device’s power button is still not working even though you have tried all the above solutions then there might be some hardware issue that is preventing the power button from working.

In this scenario, you should contact Samsung support or you can also go to your nearby phone repair service center.


Nowadays phone is an essential part of our lives which is very much used in our daily life to make calls, receive calls, and click pictures, but what if the power button stops working and you cannot access your phone?

You will become frustrated! To prevent such a situation, we have provided all the possible ways to solve the power button not working on your Samsung phones.

You can use the Motion and Gesture feature if you don’t want any hassle contacting Samsung Support to switch on/off your Samsung Galaxy phone.

I hope you have read this article carefully and were able to fix the power button issue.

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