[Android] How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages Someone Sent You

How To Read Deleted Messages That Someone Sent You On WhatsApp

Find Easy And Effective Methods To View Deleted Messages Someone Sent You On WhatsApp!

WhatsApp is one of the famous messaging apps that is used all over the world for instant chatting, sending videos, audio, images, documents, etc.

But one thing which irritates us most is those messages which you haven’t read were deleted by someone sent you on WhatsApp. You only see the message “The message was deleted”. You want to read those deleted messages but don’t know how.

So now the question arises – How to read already deleted WhatsApp messages that someone sent you?

“YES” you can read deleted messages sent by someone. Below, find out 2 methods on how to view/read WhatsApp messages deleted by sender.

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Method 1: View The Deleted Message On WhatsApp Sent By Someone By Using Notisave App

Notisave is an application that is designed to record all notifications of your messages. This application will keep a record of all the messages which were erased or not. It creates a log of all incoming messages and notifications.

However, if you want to record all the notifications of messages you have to allow the app to access to your notifications.

Please note that this access will override other apps so that it can collect notification data. When you open any of the two applications the first time, then you will be asked to allow them permission.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages That Someone Sent You Via Notisave App

After that, it will log all the notifications which you receive and also all those messages which were deleted later (whether you delete or deleted by sender). To view the deleted messages you need to go to login and then check all the notifications of WhatsApp deleted messages. In WhatsApp, it will show that the message was deleted, but you can find those deleted messages are still in the notification app.

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Method 2: See The Erased WhatsApp Messages Sent By Someone With Notification History

Notification History is also an application that can access your deleted messages of WhatsApp sent by someone. You can download this app on Google Play Store. When you have completed downloading the app then you have to search for the messages in the Android notification log. If you are using launchers such as Nova Launcher then it became very easy to do that.

You can access the notification log without an additional application. You need to only long-press the home screen, after that tap on Widgets > Activities > Settings > Notification log. Then you can access the notification log of the system.

On stock Android, the notification log can be accessed with a Settings widget.

Note: As you are giving permission to the third-party app to access all your messages at the same time you are giving all your personal messages to the third-party app.

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Limitations Of Using Notification History

  • If you have seen the notification of incoming messages then this app will not show those messages.
  • You can only view the 100 characters of the erased messages and other characters will be disappeared.
  • This application will work only for those users who are running Android 7.0 and above.

There are other types of applications that will help you to view the deleted WhatsApp messages sent by someone. They all do the same thing but you will find something different in their interface and features.


I hope the above-mentioned two methods have helped you to view the deleted messages sent by someone on WhatsApp. And thereby you can easily see those messages which you want to view but can’t view in WhatsApp because it was erased/deleted by sender or someone.