How To Recover Deleted Call History/Call Logs From Android

Android Call Logs Recovery

Find Out Effective Methods To Retrieve Lost Call Logs Or Call History From Android Phone With Or Without Backup!

Summary: You accidentally deleted call logs from your Android phone. And you have not saved that number to your contacts. You need to make a call on that number because it is very urgent. But you are unable to get them back on your device. Don’t Worry! In this post you will find few effective solutions on how to recover deleted call history/call logs from Android.

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  • Retrieve call history from Android that has lost due to mistakenly deletion, system crashed, virus or malware attacks, water damaged, forgotten lock screen passcode, factory reset, screen broken, etc.
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Let us start with a real user practical example.

Practical Example: A User Is Finding Solutions To Get Back Deleted Call Logs

How can I recover deleted contacts and/or call history? Please help.

It is so important to find a deleted phone number that was in my contacts and in my call history. It is absolutely very very serious. Every way I have turned to ends up being a dead end. There is no back up at my google accounts. I have tried so many programs for data recovery, but they recovered contacts I didn’t need, not the one I am searching for. My phone is not rooted, but I don’t mind if I have to root it in order to find the number. Please help, this person did something bad and it’s the only way I have of ever finding them.”

Original Post Taken From: AndroidCentral

Like the above practical example, there are lots of users who are facing this problem.

So, before going to the recovery solutions let us know the reasons that lead to the deletion of call logs/call history from Android phones.

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Reasons Behind The Deletion Of Call Logs (History) From Android

There could be lots of reasons due to which your call logs delete from your phone. Some of the common reasons are mentioned below.

  • Accidental/mistakenly deletion.
  • Factory reset.
  • Water damaged.
  • Virus or malware infection.
  • Screen damaged/smashed/cracked.
  • Forgotten screen lock PIN/pattern/password.
  • ROM flashed.
  • Black/white screen of death.
  • Rooting the device.
  • And so no…   

So, now the question arises – How to retrieve deleted call log on Android phone?

Just keep calm and follow the below methods to recover lost call history or call logs from Android phones.

Note: The below mentioned methods are applicable for Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Motorola, Sony, HTC, ZTE, Google Pixel, Huawei, Micromax, Lenovo, Vivo, Oppo, Panasonic, Asus, Nokia, Meizu, OnePlus, Videocon, Realme, and other Android phones available in the market.

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Method 1: Recover Deleted Call Logs Or Call History Using Android Data Recovery Software

You can easily retrieve deleted call logs from your Android phone by using the world’s famous and mostly used Android Data Recovery which is a suitable Android Call History Recovery software. It easily recover deleted call history from Android phone or tablet without backup.

Besides recovering call logs the software also recovers other data types like contacts, pictures, call recordings, videos, audios, WhatsApp conversation, text messages, voice memos, notes, documents, music, calendar, and many more.

It effectively extracts call history and other data from Android phones that have deleted due to water damaged,  accidental deletion, screen damaged, virus infection, forgotten screen lock PIN/password/pattern, factory reset, white or screen, etc.

Note: Don’t add any new data in your phone because it will overwrite the existing data and you will lose the chance of successful call log recovery.

Here, follow the steps to retrieve lost call history from Android phones without backup by using Android Data Recovery software.

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Method 2: Restore Call History From Google Drive

If you have created backup to Google Drive then all your call history, messages, Wi-Fi password, etc. will be backed up to your Google account.

So, if you have created the backup before the call logs get deleted from your device then you can easily restore them.

But this solutions is most reliable for new Android device users as the old Android users need to wipe their phone before you restore.

Below, follow the steps to do the same:

For New Android Device: When you are settings up new Android device, select Google Drive backup to restore.

For Old Android Device: Firstly, you need to factory reset your handset and then select to restore Google Drive backup while setting up the device. Go through the on screen steps to complete the restoring process. After this, all deleted call history will be restored to your phone.

Method 3: Contact Your Mobile Service Provider To Get Back Call Logs From Android

You can also take help from your phone service provider to get back deleted call history from Android phones. They keep records of your phone calls even they are dialed calls, received calls, and missed your call.

You can direct call them and take help or you can just log in to your phone account and then go to My Billing > View bill > View Call details. Here you can see the list of received and dialed calls with dates and time and get them back.

And of course, this is the solution that can help you to recover deleted call history without root.

Note: You can only view the calls that were made over mobile data and not through Wi-Fi.

Method 4: Retrieve Deleted Call Logs On Samsung Using Backup

If you have created the backup of your Samsung phone data to Samsung Cloud before the call history gets deleted from your phone then you can restore it to your phone.

You can also use this method if you wish to recover deleted call history from Samsung without computer/PC.

Here, follow the steps to do this:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Account and backup.

Step 2: After this, hit on Restore data.

Step 3: Select your relevant device backup and then choose the Call logs option and then hit on Restore.

Step 4: Next, tap on install and your device will begin the downloading process.

Note: Remember that the call logs that you have restored currently will wipe the existing call history.

Method 5: Retrieve Deleted Call Logs From Android (Only For Rooted Device)

You can also use Undeleter app to recover lost call history from your Android phone. The call log recovery app for free only works in a rooted device. If you want to get back your lost call logs using a deleted call history recovery app (Undeleter) then you need to root your Android phone only then you can recover it

Note: You can also restore deleted pictures, messages, videos, docs, and more by using the Undeleter app.

Now, follow the below steps to recover deleted call logs from Android using Undeleter app.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store app then search Undeleter app and download and install it.

Step 2: Open the app and hit Next to continue.

Step 3: A screen will appear asking you to give root permissions. Just tap on Next button to allow the permissions.

Step 4: Now, Undeleted app will start testing root access. Hit on Next button to continue.

Step 5: Next choose specific category to get back the lost call logs and then choose the device.

undeleter - recover deleted call logs on Android

Step 6: After that choose Journal Scan to scan all your lost data.

Step 7: When the scanning process gets completed, you can get back the deleted call logs from the place where it gets stored.

Step 8: Next, switch to the Restore tab and see the restoration process.

undeleter app - retrieve deleted call logs on Android

Step 9: Now, you need to wait and follow the instructions from your phone screen.

Now, you can view the deleted call history.

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Extra Tip: Avoid Future Call History Loss

You can use Android Data Backup & Restore software to back up call history of your Android. And if you accidentally lost them then you can easily restore them to your phone by using this backup.


I hope after reading this guide you were able to recover deleted call logs or call history from your Android phone. You can also try Android Data Recovery software to easily retrieve lost call logs from Android without backup.