How To Recover Deleted Data From Asus ROG Phone 6/6 Pro

Recover Deleted Data From Asus ROG Phone 6 or ROG Phone 6 Pro

Efficiently Get Back Deleted Files Like Photos, Videos, Contacts, Messages, etc From Asus Rog Phone 6/6 Pro!

Summary: Data loss or deletion has become one of the most common causes among the mobile device users. So, if you have also accidentally deleted or lost important data from your Asus ROG phone 6 or 6 Pro, then don’t worry. This post gives you the different methods that will help you to recover deleted data from Asus ROG Phone 6 or Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro.

If you want a direct solution and do not want to waste time, then try Android Data Recovery which is a suitable Asus ROG Phone 6 Data Recovery tool.

Asus company is a famous for producing computer and laptop hardware. Its products includes desktops, laptops, PC, smartphones, tablets and other hybrid devices.

In the smartphone section, the company launched the ROG series phone which is Asus ROG Phone 6 and ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro. Both phones have been made for gaming experience.

To know more about the phone, check out their official website as follows:

Asus ROG Phone 6

Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro

Though this phone has smart features and offers a great gaming experience, data loss is still a universal and common problem as mentioned at the start of the post.

So, the question is – How do you deal with data loss and restore them back?

Well, find out the methods below!

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Method 1: Restore Asus ROG Phone 6/6 Pro Data From Google Backup

If you have backed-up your phone data to Google account earlier, then it becomes very easy to restore data from the backup.

First check, if you have backup of your phone in the Google account.

  • Log-in to your Google account on your desktop or on another device.
  • Tap on Google app icon and then tap on “Drive” icon.
  • Tap on “Storage/Backup” located on the left panel. It will then show all the backup files with information in your Google Drive.
  • You can also see the backup of your Asus ROG Phone 6 or 6 Pro backup files (if you have created a backup earlier).

Check if you have backup of your Asus phone in the Google account

(Pic Credit: Asus)

Now, follow the below steps to restore data:

If there is a recent backup in your Google account of your phone, then first you have to factory reset your Asus phone. Note: If you want to restore backup on a new Asus phone, you can follow the same steps.

  • After factory reset, set-up your device and once you reach “Welcome Screen”, you will see the option to “Copy your data”. Simply tap on it.
  • In the next steps – In Bring your data from, tap on “A backup from the cloud”.
  • Next login to your Google account in which you have the backup file.
  • You will see the backup file, simply tap on it. Your data will be recovered on your phone.

Restore Asus ROG Phone 6 or ROG Phone 6 Pro Data From Google Backup

(Pic Credit: Asus)

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Method 2: Restore Deleted Photos From Trash on Asus ROG Phone 6/6 Pro

If you have accidentally deleted photos from gallery, then don’t worry, the deleted pictures are not gone permanently. It simply just got moved to Trash folder.

So, here follow the steps to restore deleted photos from Gallery Trash on Asus phone.

  • On your phone, open Gallery.
  • Tap on 3 vertical dots located at upper right corner to bring up the Menu Here tap on “Trash” option.

Restore Deleted Photos From Trash on Asus ROG Phone 6 or ROG Phone 6 Pro

(Pic Credit: Asus)

  • Finally, select the pictures that you want to recover and tap on “Restore” icon. The image will get restore to their original folder.

Restore Photos From Trash Folder on Asus ROG Phone 6 or ROG Phone 6 Pro

(Pic Credit: Asus)

Well, it is easy to restore data when you have backup.

But what – If you do not have backup of your deleted files? How will you recover them back?

Well, not to worry, below find out the solution.

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Method 3: Recover Deleted Data From Asus ROG Phone 6/6 Pro Without Backup

In case, if you do not have any kind of backup of your phone data, then in such case, it is highly recommended that you must immediately try Android Data Recovery, which is world’s first and professional software, which can be also called as Asus ROG Phone 6/6 Pro Data Recovery tool.

This file recovery will help you to effectively retrieve deleted files such as videos, photos, audio, messages, contacts, WhatsApp & attachments, call history, notes, voice recordings and more from Asus ROG Phone 6 or ROG Phone 6 Pro.

Note: For successful recovery of data, stop using your phone and do not add any new data on it. Immediately try Android Data Recovery software and recover data.

Here follow the complete steps to recover deleted data from Asus ROG Phone 6/6 Pro using Android Data Recovery software.


Data loss or deletion can happen anytime, anywhere and unexpectedly. Hence, it is always advised that you must regularly backup your device data, particularly your important data.

However, if do not have backup and lost data from Asus ROG Phone 6 or 6 Pro and looking for data recovery solution, then in such condition you must immediately try the world’s first and most professional Android Data Recovery software.