How To Remove Twitter (X) Followers Without Blocking

How To Remove Followers Without Blocking On Twitter X

Do you want to get rid of your Twitter followers without going the way to blocking them?

If you want to make sure your Twitter stays neat, control how many people follow you, or just distance yourself from certain people, then here follow this guide in which you will learn how to remove Twitter (X) followers without blocking.

How To Remove Followers On Twitter (X) Without Blocking?

How to remove followers on Twitter (X) without blocking them. Here, Twitter has a feature that allows users to remove particular followers and soft-block.

Method 1: Remove Followers Using “Remove This Follower” Feature

Now we are able to remove followers from Twitter platform by using the “Remove this follower” feature. But at present this feature is available only in the Twitter web version.

There you can use this feature to remove your followers:

Step 1: Visit Twitter site on your browser and then log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap on the Profile on the left sidebar and then click on the “Followers”.

How to Remove Followers on Twitter

Step 3: Select the user that you want to remove. Or, you can find their accounts directly by searching the username in the search box.

Can you remove a Twitter follower without blocking?

Step 4: Tap on the Three-dot icon on their profile.

Twitter - How to remove followers without blocking

Step 5: From the menu select Remove This Follower option.

How to Remove Followers on Twitter Without Blocking User

Step 6: At last tap on the Remove to remove this user.

Remove Twitter X followers without blocking

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Method 2: Block and Unblock Accounts To Remove Followers On Twitter App

Remove This Followers feature is currently unavailable in the Twitter mobile app. You can remove followers easily by blocking them and then unblocking them to remove them from the list of your followers. Now the user will be removed, and cannot be able to view your tweets on their feed.

Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1: Open Twitter app on your phone.

Step 2: Click on the user profile that you wish to remove from your list of followers.

Step 3: At the top right corner click on the 3-dot icon and select Block.

how to remove a follower on Twitter app on phone without blocking

Step 4: Again, tap on Block to confirm.

Step 5: As you blocked the user, click on the Blocked in their profile.

Step 6: Lastly, tap on Unblock to unblock the user.

How to remove followers on Twitter Android or iPhone without blocking user

As and when you unblock the user, it will get removed from your followers list.

The user can visit your profile and can follow you again and check your tweets, if your tweets are not protected.

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Related FAQs:

Can you remove a follower on Twitter without blocking them?

Yes, you can remove a follower without blocking them on Twitter by first blocking them and then unblocking them immediately.

Will The User Know When I Remove Them?

No, the user will not be able to know that you have removed them from your list of followers, or you have used the feature “Remove This follower” either the soft block feature.


I hope that now you are able to remove followers on Twitter (X) without blocking them.

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