How To Fix Samsung Pass Is Temporarily Not Available

Fix Samsung Pass Is Temporarily Not Available Try Again Later

Find Out 12 Working Methods To Fix “Samsung Pass Is Temporarily Not Available. Try Again Later” Error Message On Samsung Device!

Samsung Pass temporarily not available

I just got the new s20 ultra and after I finish with the set up I was not able to log in to my samsung pass it says is  “temporarily not available, try again later” anybody knows how to fix this please ?”

Source: Samsung Community

There are many users like the above one who are complaining that they are getting error message “Samsung pass is temporarily not available” and they are finding solutions to fix it as far as possible.

If you are also one of them then read this tutorial. Here, I am going to share some effective methods on how to fix Samsung Pass in temporary not available.

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What Is Samsung Pass And Why It Is Needed For?

Samsung Pass is an in-built service on Samsung devices that uses users’ biometric data to sign in to apps or sites on Samsung smartphones. It is the safest and fastest way to log in to apps or sites or add payment details without entering any work.

Why Is Samsung Pass Temporarily Not Available?

Your Samsung Pass is temporarily unavailable due to some reasons and they are mentioned below.

  • Samsung Pass is not updated.
  • Corrupt cache and data of Samsung Pass app.
  • When your Android OS running on an older version.
  • Some glitches and bugs in the Samsung pass.
  • If many applications are running in the background.
  • When some glitches are present in your phone’s settings.

Fixes For Samsung Pass Is Temporarily Not Available

Now, you know why Samsung Pass is temporarily not available, let us know the methods to fix Samsung Pass is temporarily not available error on Samsung device.

Method 1: Force Restart Your Samsung

As we have been told many times that you should first follow the simple methods to fix the issue and then move to the harder one and force restarting is the simple solution to fix this problem.

So, to restart your Samsung phone, press and hold the Power button unless you see the options on the screen. Now, tap on Restart/Reboot option from there.

Restart Samsung Phone

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Method 2: Disable And Enable Samsung Pass

You can also disable the Samsung Pass app and then enable it again after a few seconds. This will refresh the app and fix any temporary issues.

Below, follow the steps to do the same.

Step 1: Open Settings app on your Samsung phone.

Step 2: After this, tap on Biometric and Security > Samsung Pass.

Step 3: Next, hit on More Options and then Settings.

Step 4: Now, tap Delete Data and then tap on Delete button from the pop-up message to confirm your choice. Then enter the password and hit on OK.

Turn off and Turn on Samsung Pass

Step 5: The system will disable the Samsung Pass and revert its settings to default.

Step 6: Next, set it up again as you did it the first time and then check Samsung Pass is working fine or not.

Method 3: Clear Cache And Data Of Samsung Pass

Cache files help every app to open in less time but sometimes when it gets corrupted then it can cause issues to the app. However, to fix it you need to remove the cache and data of the app.

So, you can also apply this with Samsung Pass app and then the problem is solved or not.

Here are the steps to clear the cache and data of Samsung Pass app.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Apps/Application Manager.

Step 2: Then tap on All Apps and you will be able to view all the installed apps.

Step 3: Select Samsung Pass app from there and open it.

Step 4: Now, on that app tap on Storage.

Step 5: Then you will be able to view the Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons. Tap on them one after another.

Clear Cache And Data Of Samsung Pass

Now, restart your device and then check Samsung Pass temporarily not available is solved or not.

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Method 4: Update Samsung Pass App

Many times when you run an outdated app then it starts creating an issue on it. Maybe the Samsung Pass app is also not updated and due to this, you are facing a pop-up error “Samsung Pass is temporary not available, try again later”.

Hence, you need to check the update for the Samsung Pass app and if the update is available then install it.

Now, follow the below discussed steps to update Samsung Pass app.

Step 1: Firstly, launch the Samsung Galaxy Store app on your Samsung.

Step 2: Then, tap on hamburger icon.

Step 3: Next, tap on update and then tap on Samsung Pass app.

Step 4: Now, hit on Update button.

Update Samsung Pass App

Method 5: Boot Your Samsung Device Into Safe Mode

Sometimes the third-party apps available on your phone cause Samsung Pass unavailable error. So, to check out if it is creating problems with the Samsung Pass app or not, you need to boot your Samsung device into safe mode.

Below, follow the steps to enter your Samsung Galaxy phone into safe mode.

Step 1: Press and hold the Power button on your Galaxy phone for a few seconds until the Power menu pop-up on the screen.

Step 2: From all the options, tap on hold the Power Off for a few seconds till you get the Safe Mode pop-up.

Step 3: Now, confirm that you wish to boot your Galaxy device into safe mode by tapping on OK.

Enter Safe Mode On Samsung Phone

You can see the Safe Mode text at the bottom of the phone’s screen. Now, all the third-party apps will be disabled.

Run the Samsung Pass app and see it is working fine. If it is working without any problem then you need to uninstall the recently installed app one by one and check whether the problem is solved or not. To get out of safe mode, reboot your Galaxy phone.

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Method 6: Close All Running Apps In The Background

You can also try to close all the running apps in the background and then check if worked or not.

Here, follow the steps to close running applications on Samsung Galaxy phone.

Step 1: From your device Front Screen hit on Apps button.

Step 2: Now, scroll left and hit Settings.

Step 3: Then, tap on More tab > Application Manager > Running.

Step 4: Choose the App that you want to stop and tap on Force Stop.  

Or you can also close the running apps by pressing and holding Home button and side left or right unless the running apps are closed.

Method 7: Change Permissions On Samsung Pass

You need to set 3 features location, camera, and Files and media manually. If these three features are disabled for Samsung Pass then it will start creating problems.

You can enable it by going to Settings > Apps. Then choose Samsung Pass and open it. After this, hit on Permissions. Now, you will be able to the above-mentioned 3 features, simply tap each of them. Then from the new menu that opens choose “Always allow”.

You will get each of these 3 options differently. You need to always set it on “Always allow” instead of “Always ask” or “Deny”.

Method 8: Check Your Internet Connection

Samsung Pass needs an internet connection whether you are using mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. So, check whether your internet connection is working fine or not. To check this you can open anything on the web browser. If it is not opening then it means that your network connecting is not stable.

To fix this, you need to reset your Wi-Fi modem or if you are using mobile data then check that you have an active data plane.

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Method 9: Check Update For Your Samsung Device

Your phone should also be updated to the latest versions and when it is not updated to the latest operating system then your Samsung Pass app along with other apps may conflict or crash creating the problem.

So, you need to install the latest OS update for your Samsung phone as soon as possible.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to update your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Step 1: Run the Settings app on your Galaxy device.

Step 2: After this, tap on About Device/Software Update.

Step 3: Now, hit on Check Update Manually option.

Step 4: If you find the latest OS versions then hit on Download and Install button.

Update Samsung Phone OS

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Method 10: Reset Samsung Pass

If still, you are getting “Samsung pass is temporarily not available. try again later” error message then you need to reset your Samsung Pass.

Here are the steps to reset Samsung Pass.

Step 1: On your Galaxy device, open the Settings app.

Step 2: Then, hit on Lock Screen And Security.

Step 3: Now, you need to scroll down and look for Samsung Pass. Use your biometric data to log in to it.

Step 4: When you are logged into Samsung Pass then hit on Delete Data and then Delete.

Step 5: Then, confirm the password for delete or you can say reset the Samsung Pass.

Method 11: Check That You Have Updated Password Stored In Samsung Pass

If you are using Samsung Pass to log in to an app or website and you have changed the password for the app or website then you need to change in Samsung pass manually.

To change it, you need to go to your phone’s Settings and then tap on Biometrics and Security. After this, choose “Samsung Pass”. Now, you will get a prompt window to unlock it through your fingerprint. Or it will also give an iris scan option to unlock it, if your device has this feature.

When it is unlocked you will see the apps/sites that you have password saved for. Hit on one that you wish to change the password for and tap on Edit at the bottom.

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Method 12: Factory Reset Your Samsung

If you have tried all the above mentioned but still “Samsung Pass is temporarily not available” error is occurring then lastly you need to factory reset your phone.

But before performing factory reset steps, you need to backup all your Samsung device data to a safe place so that you will not lose them.

Now, follow the below steps to factory reset your Samsung phone.

Step 1: Open Settings and go to General management.

Step 2: Then hit on Reset.

Step 3: After this, hit on Factory Data Reset and then tap on Reset.

Factory Reset Samsung Phone To Delete All Text Messages

Once the reset process gets completed, your device will restart. Now, you need to set up your phone and then check whether the error is solved or not.

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People Also Ask

1. How Can I Fix Samsung Pass Keeps Stopping?

You can easily fix Samsung Pass keeps stopping or crashing issue by applying some solutions and they are listed below.

  • Restart your Samsung phone.
  • Update the Samsung Pass app.
  • Close and re-open the Samsung Pass app.
  • Run Samsung Pass app is Safe Mode.
  • Clear Cache and data of Samsung Pass.
  • Update your Samsung Galaxy device.
  • Factory Reset your Samsung phone.

2. How Can I Fix Samsung Pass Temporarily Not Available 255/162?

Both error codes are same to Samsung Pass is temporary not available. And you can easily fix it by applying the below-mentioned tips:

  • Restart your device.
  • Clear cache and data of the app.
  • Close and open the app again.
  • Run your Samsung Pass in Safe mode.
  • Turn on and turn off Samsung Pass app.
  • Update your device OS.
  • Perform a factory reset.

3. How Can I Turn On Samsung Pass On Apps?

Answer 3 – You can enable Samsung Pass on apps by following the below steps.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Biometrics & security.

Step 2: Then, hit on Samsung Pass and login to Samsung Pass using your biometric data.

Step 3: Now, you will see the list of apps.

Step 4: Select the specific app to save the Samsung Pass login info, fingerprint and password.

4. Why Isn’t My Samsung Pass Not Working?

Your Samsung Pass will not work due to several reasons. Below are some of the main reasons among them.

  • If your Samsung Pass app is not updated.
  • Cache and data of Samsung Pass app get corrupted.
  • When you are running an outdated OS.
  • If there are some faulty apps on your device.
  • If internet connecting is not working well.


We hope that after going through the above mentioned solutions you will be able to fix Samsung Pass is temporary not available. Try the solutions one by one until the error is fixed.

But after trying all the methods the issue is not solved then you should contact Samsung using their official website. They will suggest you some solutions to fix it.