Recover Deleted Data From Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra

Samsung S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra Data Recovery

Learn 3 Proven And Quick Methods On How To Retrieve Deleted/Lost Data Like Images, Contacts, Videos, Audios, SMS, WhatsApp Chat History, Documents, And More From Samsung Galaxy S23/S23 Plus/S23 Ultra With Or Without Backup!

Summary: Did you lost data from your Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+, or S23 Ultra and want to recover them? If so, then this guide is for you. Here I have discussed about 3 easy and proven solutions on how to recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra. So, simply go through this guide to get back lost files.

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Most easiest method to retrieve deleted or lost data from Samsung S23/S23+/S23 Ultra is to use Recover (Android) software which is also known as Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra Data Recovery tool.

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There are some users who don’t know why their device data get deleted from their phone. If you also don’t know the causes behind the deletion and wanted to know it then below read the causes for it.

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Causes For The Deletion Of Data From Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra?

There could be number of reasons which can lead to the deletion of data from Samsung Galaxy S23 series. However, some of the common reasons due to which most people lost their phone’s data are – accidental deletion, factory reset, water damaged, ROM flashing, screen damaged/broken, black/white screen of death, forgotten screen lock PIN/pattern password, rooting, system crash, virus or malware infection.

Now, you are familiar with the reasons and eager to know the methods to recover deleted/lost files from Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra. Right? So, without taking much time, let’s go ahead to the methods.

Method 1: Retrieve Deleted Data From Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra Using Smart Switch

Samsung has its own Smart Switch service where you can back up your device’s data. So, if you have created a backup of your Galaxy smartphone’s files to it then you can easily restore them through Samsung Smart Switch service.

Here, learn how to restore missing/lost data from Galaxy S23 (Plus) (Ultra) via Smart Switch.

Step 1: On your computer launch the Smart Switch and then with the help of USB cable connect your Galaxy device to it.

Step 2: Next, click on Restore.

Smart Switch - Restore Data On Samsung S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra

Step 3: After this, hit on “Select your backup data” to restore.

Step 4: Now, you need to select the file type that you wish to get back and then hit on OK button.

Restore Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+, S23 Ultra Data Using Samsung Smart Switch Backup

Step 5: Lastly, tap on “Restore Now”.

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Method 2: Restore Lost Data From Galaxy S23 Plus/S23/S23 Ultra Though Samsung Cloud

Almost all Samsung phone users are familiar with Samsung Cloud service that allow their users to backup important files similar to Google Drive. But the “sync” option must be enabled so that your file will automatically get backed up to it and you can restore them whenever you want to.

So, if you have previously created a backup of lost files to Samsung Cloud then you can easily restore them using the below steps.

Step 1: Run the Settings app on your mobile.

Step 2: Then hit on “Cloud and Account”.

Step 3: From there, choose “Samsung Cloud”.

Step 4: After this, select the files that you want to restore and tap on “Restore Now” or “Restore”.

Samsung Cloud - Restore Samsung S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra Phone Data

Once the restoration process gets completed all the selected files will be restored to the desired location of your Galaxy device.

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Method 3: Retrieve Deleted Data From Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra Without Backup

Sometimes due to a busy schedule, users forget to create a backup of their device’s data.

So, if you also come under this and have lost the files from your mobile then you are highly suggested to try third-party Recover (Android) which is the most popular Samsung S23 Data Recovery software which will help you to get back disappeared or permanently deleted data from Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery tool lets you recover multiple types of items like text messages, photos, WhatsApp and attachments, videos, contacts, audios, documents, call logs and many more data types.

Galaxy S23 Data Recovery program can also rescue deleted files from broken Galaxy S23 sereis phone without any backup and all other scenarios such as factory reset, mistakenly deletion, virus infection, water damaged, black screen of death, forgotten passcode, etc.

Best thing about Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Data Recovery tool that you will love is that it allows you to preview the files in the software’s preview screen before final recovery.

Here, learn the steps to recover missing/deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra without backup using Recover (Android) software.

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Extra Tip: Avoid Future Data Loss From Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra

Some people believed that their phone’s data can’t be deleted from their smartphone and due to this they don’t backup their Galaxy device’s data. And some people forget do the same and when the files get deleted they become worried.

Hence, I always advise you to create a regular backup of your files to keep them safe from deletion. There are several ways to backup Galaxy’s device data. Some of them are Samsung Cloud, Smart Switch, Google Drive, Google Photos, computer, etc.

You can also use professional Phone Backup software to effectively backup your Galaxy device data. Here, you will get both options to backup Galaxy data whether you wish to backup whole data or selectively backup files.


In this post, you have seen the 3 effective methods to recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra. Among these 3 solutions, the first two solutions needs a backup of lost data.

So, if you have the backup then it’s fine, go through the first two solutions. But if you don’t have backup of lost data then you must try Recover (Android) tool to get back lost files which is discussed in Method 3.