How To Wipe Android Phone Completely [100% Data Unrecoverable]

How Wipe Data Permanently From Android Phone

Find Out Easy Methods To Permanently Delete Android Phone’s Data Like Photos, Videos, Contacts, Call Logs, Text Messages, WhatsApp Data & Attachments, Login Details And Password, And Many More Data Types!

Summary: Have you decided to give your Android device to your loved ones or sell it to another person? But before selling or donating it, you need to delete all-important photos, videos, contacts, call history, notes, documents and all other data and sensitive information. But you don’t know how you will delete your Android phone’s data permanently so that the person whom you are selling your phone can’t access your personal details and misuse it. Don’t Worry! Here I have mentioned some easy methods on how to wipe Android phone completely.

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The easiest way to wipe/delete data from Android phone permanently is to use Android Eraser Software.

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*Trial version only scans and previews erasable files.

Below discussed all the methods that will work for all Android phone models such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, OnePlus, Moto, Oppo, Vivo, Sony, Asus, Realme, ZTE, HTC, Lenovo, etc.

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Method 1: Wipe Android Phone Completely By Doing Factory Reset [Data Recoverable]

You can remove all data from your Android phone completely by doing a factory reset of your device. But it can be retrieved by using third-party recovery software. So, to confirm that no one can recover your device’s data you need to enable hardware encryption on your Android smartphone.

If your Android phone is running on 5.0 Lollipop or later then your device will have Android device protection or factory reset protection (FRP). So, before doing factory reset you need to deactivate it otherwise you can’t factory reset your device or the person to whom you are selling your phone can’t use your device.

If your phone is running on older OS and you are sure which version it is then you can find that, by going to device Settings> About device/phone> Software info.

To deactivate the FRP, you need to go to Settings > Account > hit on your account > select Remove Account.

If you are Google Pixel or Nexus user then you need to sign out of Android Beta.

After deactivating FRP, now follow the steps to enable hardware encryption on your device and then factory reset Android device.

Step 1: On your device go to Settings > Security then tap on Encrypted phone. This process will take more time so if your phone’s battery is low then plugin to charge.

Step 2: Then again hit on Encrypt phone to continue. Sometimes it does not work in one try so you need to try this a few times. This process can take an hour so just wait till it is completed.

Step 3: Once it gets complete, now factory reset your phone by going to Settings > System > Reset options.

Factory Reset Android Phone

Step 4: After that tap on Erase all data. You can also select to wipe data from memory card on some smartphones.

How To Factory Reset Android

Step 5: Next, tap on Reset phone.

Once the reset process gets complete, your phone will restart.

Note: Remember that doing factory reset does not wipe data from Android phone permanently, there are suitable Android Data Recovery that recover erased data from Android even after factory reset. Hence, you must go for Method 3.

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Method 2: Wipe Android SD Memory Card [Data Recoverable]

Though these days, most of the Android phones does not come with microSD card slot. However, there are many Android devices that come with memory card slot.

So, here you have to make decision about microSD card. If your old phone has microSD card slot, then you can simply remove the card from the old phone and insert it into your new phone and continue using it.

But, if your new phone does not have memory card slot, or if you do not want to carry forward your card to your new phone, then in such case, you must erase all data on your card by simply formatting it.

But if you don’t want to lose data from SD card and want to carry forward data to your new phone then you should back up all the data from SD card to a safe place before formatting the external SD card. You can use Android Phone Backup software to back up your SD card data to your computer and when you want to restore it to your new phone then you can easily restore it.

After creating a backup of SD card data, follow the below steps to format the SD card.

Step 1: On your device open Settings app and then tap on Storage.

Step 2: Now, scroll down and hit on Erase SD Card. Then a pop-up warning message will come which tells you that it will erase all data from SD card.

Step 3: Tap on the “Erase SD card” option to proceed. If it is asked to enter the passcode then enter it.

Erase Android SD Card

Note: If you want to keep the SD card then don’t delete the data from SD card. Simply you can remove the SD card from your old phone. Also note that formatting SD card is not completely safe, there are software out there that can easily retrieve data from formatted SD card. Hence, you should follow Method 3.

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Delete Remaining Account Details

You should manually delete Google accounts and any other accounts associated with your phone.

To remove your Google account, open Your Device Section of the web-based account manager. From the list select your phone, hit on “Sign out” option. Doing this confirms that your Google account is not linked with your Android device.

Also remember other accounts and service which has same options, Android password manager like LastPass or Android Security apps like Authy and login into their corresponding websites to remove any remaining connections.

And once it has done, you are all set. Your Android device is safely erased and thereby you can now donate or sell it.

Remove Any Payment Cards Link With Your Device

You should also delete any payment cards that are linked with your Android device.

To remove it you need to open Google Play Store. Then tap on Menu> Payment methods> More payment settings. If this doesn’t work then login to Select the payment method which you want to remove and hit on “Remove” button.

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Method 3: Wipe Android Phone Permanently Using Android Eraser Software [100% Data Unrecoverable]

The best method to wipe Android phone completely is to use Android Erase software. The program erases all types of data including photos, text messages, contacts, call history, videos, audios, browsing history, social apps data and all privacy from your Android device.

*Trial version only scans and previews erasable files.

It gives you a 100% guarantee that no one can recover wiped data from your Android device. It is fully safe and secure. This software wipes Android phone from PC.

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Steps To Wipe Android Phone Completely Via Android Eraser Software

Step 1: Connect Your Android Phone To Computer

Download, install and launch Android Data Eraser on your computer and then click on “Data Eraser” among the available tools.

Now connect your Android phone to computer with the help of USB cable. Make sure you have enabled the USB debugging on your Android phone. If your phone is running above Android OS version 4.2.2 then there will be a pop-up message on your Android phone asking you to enable USB debugging. You have to simply click on “OK” to continue the process.

Step 2: Start Erasing Your Android Device Permanently

After this, Android Eraser software will automatically detect and connect your Android phone. Hit on “Erase All Data” button to begin the easing your all data permanently.


Note: Before applying this process you must keep backup of your all important data because it will not be recovered by any tool.

Then you have to enter “delete” to confirm the process.

After this the software will start deleting your all Android data from your device. The erasing process will take few minutes, during this process don’t disconnect your Android phone or don’t use any phone management software on your computer.

Step 3: Factory Reset Your Android Phone

When the all apps, photos, documents and all other privacy data have been completely deleted, then the Android Eraser tool will ask you to tap on “Factory Data Reset” or “Erase All Data” on your device. This will help you to completely erase your data and all the settings on your phone.

Now your phone will not have any kind of data, all the data have been permanently erased and it’s like a brand new phone. Now you can easily sell or donate your phone to other without any worry of your personal data and information.

*Trial version only scans and previews erasable files.


I hope you have wiped your Android phone completely by using the above-mentioned methods. And now, your phone is ready to sell and you don’t need to worry about your phone’s data that it can be used by anyone.

Factory reset or formatting Android SD card wipes all data from your phone and card but data can still be recovered by using any suitable third-party recovery software. So, to wipe your Android phone permanently and completely I would recommend you to try Android Eraser software.