Fix Google or Samsung Pay Not Working On Galaxy Watch 5/5 Pro

How To Fix Google or Samsung Pay Not Working On Galaxy Watch 5 or Watch 5 Pro

Going back in time a few years ago, tapping your wrist to make payment would seem like a surprise and out of our imagination. But with developing technology, contactless payment has become quite possible. In the beginning, you could use your smartphone to tap and make payments for purchases. But now the tech has evolved so much that, that you can now tap and make payments with smartwatches as well.

Recently, Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro. These smartwatches have great features/specifications and its actually smart. These smartwatches are great for Android devices and since it runs on Wear OS, it works well with Samsung Pay and Google Wallet (formerly known as Google Pay).

But, unfortunately, there are users reporting that Google Pay or Samsung Pay is not working on Galaxy Watch 5 Series smartwatches.

So, in this post I have provided some effective fixes that you can follow to fix Google Pay or Samsung Pay is not working on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5/5 Pro.

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So, let’s start with real user’s example!

Example 1: Samsung or Google Pay Not Working On Galaxy Watch 5

GW5 Google or Samsung pay not working anyone?

Example Taken FromReddit

Example 2: Google Pay Not Working On Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Samsung watch 5 pro – Not working with Google Pay?

Has anyone got the watch 5 to work with google pay? Just getting an error when adding a card (google pay works on phone and samsung pay works on both)

Example Taken FromSamsung Community

That were just two examples.

So, if you are also encountering this problem, then below follow the troubleshoot to fix Google Pay or Samsung Pay not working Galaxy Watch5/5 Pro.

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Fixes 1: Update Google Pay/Samsung Pay

It is very simple yet effective.

Check your watches and see if there is any update available for Google Pay or Samsung Pay app.

If an update is available then update it. Updating the app fixes many issues.

  • Open Play Store on your watch.
  • Go to Manage app and look for Google Pay/Samsung Pay and tap on it.
  • Now, see if an update is available then tap on “Update”.

Fixes 2: Restart/Reboot Your Galaxy Watch

Just like updating the app, restarting the Watch also fixes various issues.

It also seemed a very simple fix, but do believe me yet it is an effective solution to several minor and major issues. You never know this can work in your case as well.

So, simply restart/reboot your Galaxy Watch and see if it helps.

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Fixes 3: Update Your Galaxy Watch Android Wear OS

It might be possible that your current Android Wear OS is not compatible or not supported by Google Pay or the card (debit/credit) you are adding to the Payment app.

Samsung releases the Android Wear OS from time to time with the updated compatibility/supported list of payment apps and cards.

So, check and update Android Wear OS on your Galaxy Watch, if any update is available.

Once updated, check if the payment app is working or not.

Fixes 4: Re-Add Card As New Card Instead Of Existing Card

Are you getting this error message – Try later this Watch can’t be set up for contactless payment.

Well, in this case when adding a card to the Payment app (Google/Samsung), then instead of choosing your existing credit card, you need to choose the option with a new card and add it once again. Thereafter you will have feedback (maybe a few seconds) from your bank with confirmation that from now on you can use the card also on your smart watch.

This fix has worked for several users, may this can work for you too as well.

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Fixes 5: Clear Cache and Clear Data Of Payment App on Your Watch

Clearing the cache and data of the app also fixes several issues. Similarly, if your Samsung/Google Pay is not working then try clearing the cache and data of those specific apps on your Galaxy Watch.

Once, cleared. Now check if it is working or not.

Fixes 6: Check If Samsung/Google Pay Is Working In Your Phone or Not

First check, whether Samsung/Google Pay is working on your phone or not.

If it is working fine on your phone, then you can try to use it on your Watch.

But if it is not working on your phone, then you need to first find out the issue – Why it is not working on your phone? Once, you get the solution for that, then I believe that it will work on your Galaxy Watch as well.

Fixes 7: Uninstall and Re-Install Google Pay/Samsung Pay On Your Watch

Try to uninstall the Google/Samsung pay app from your Smartwatch and then re-install it from the Play Store on your watch.

Add a card and set up the payment app properly and correctly and then see, if this solves your problem.

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Fixes 8: Check The Country/Region Where You Are Trying To Use Payment App

It might be possible that you are trying to use Samsung or Google Pay in the country or region where it is not serviceable/functional at all.

Just check out the respective country or region of the respective Payment app.

For Google PayCountries or regions where you can make payments with Google

For Samsung PayHow many countries support the Samsung Pay service?

Fixes 9: Contact Respective Payment App Support

If nothing fixes your problem, then it is high time that you must contact your respective payment app support team.

If you are using Google Pay and it is not working, then you must contact Google Pay Support/Google Wallet Support.

If you are Samsung Pay and it is not working, then you must contact Samsung Support.

They can help you in a proper way.


After going through the post, I hope you were able to easily fix Google Pay or Samsung Pay not working on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 or Watch 5 Pro.


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