How To Fix Samsung Phone Stuck on Airplane Mode After Update

Quickly Fix Samsung Phone Stuck on Airplane Mode

If you are having problems on Samsung Galaxy phone’s Bluetooth, GPS, Cellular Service, and Wi-Fi not working, the most common cause is Airplane Mode. We all know that when Airplane Mode gets turned on, then all the other functions that can interrupt flight communication get switched off.

Some Samsung Phone users report that after enabling the Airplane Mode they can’t switch off the Airplane Mode on their device.

This is the most common problem that exists in most of the Samsung Phones. To fix this problem follow the solutions given below in this article.

Note: The below-mentioned solutions are also applicable for fixing the issues for users facing problems – when Airplane Mode got stuck after updating their phone.

How To Fix Samsung Phone Stuck On Airplane Mode

Before you go to the below-mentioned solutions, here is a simple trick that you can follow:

  • First, try to enable Airplane mode. Here is how to do it – Simply long press the Airplane mode icon in the notification tray, this will then take you to the settings and here you can Turn it ON.
  • Now, restart your phone. After your phone restart, you will that your phone is still in Airplane mode. Here, you can able to turn off the Airplane mode, just turn it off.

You will now have your network and everything back to normal.

If this doesn’t work, then follow the below solutions.

Solution 1- Hard Reset Your Samsung Phone

The common solutions to solve a Samsung Phone Stuck on Airplane Mode (after update, after turning on Airplane mode/flight mode), we recommend doing a hard reset, as there is a possibility of Android OS-related problems in the device which can cause such kind of problem.

So, below follow the steps to hard reset.

  • Long press the Power Button + Volume Down Button for a few seconds until the device gets switched off.

Then wait for a moment and look whether the Airplane Mode stuck on phone issue is solved or not.

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Solution 2 – Check Software Update

An out-of-date version of the device can be the cause of phone not turning off the Airplane Mode. Check the update of your device if the update is available then simply update your device to the latest version and then check if the problem is fixed or not.

  • On your phone go to Setting > About Phone/Software Update > Download and Install.

Update Samsung Phone OS

Note:  The steps to update Android OS may vary from phone to phone and model to model.

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Solution 3 – Stop The Apps From Customizing System Settings

Normally, the reason of Samsung Phone’s flight mode not disabling can be due to the third-party applications in the device changing the main settings. It happens when you might have installed a faulty/corrupted third-party app on your device which continuously enables the Airplane Mode.

So, below follow the steps to stop apps from customizing system settings.

  • Open Settings > Apps.
  • Choose 3 Dots Symbol located at the right top corner of the screen.
  • Select Special Access.
  • Choose Change System Settings. After doing that, it will show the line-up of the apps that can customize the phone settings on the Samsung Galaxy Phone.
  • After going through the list and then click on the Switch to turn off the apps to stop them from customizing the device settings.

After the completion of the process, we suggest rebooting/restarting your device and check if the Stuck Airplane Mode problem is solved or not.

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Solution 4 – Put Your Device In Safe Mode

So, if there is any kind of problem on the phone the best solution is to boot up the device to safe mode. Safe mode is the best workaround to fix any type of problem in the phone.

The same goes with airplane mode not switching off on the phone. In Safe Mode, third-party apps are not allowed to work. Only the pre-installed app can be allowed to work. In safe mode, if the airplane mode gets disabled, then it proves that your device has a faulty app. The steps are given below to boot safe mode.

  • Long press the Power Key to bring the Power Off Menu.

Restart Samsung Phone

  • From the Power Menu, keep pressing the Power Off option until the Safe Mode feature appears.
  • Now simply choose Safe Mode.

Enter Safe Mode On Samsung Phone

Now switch off the Airplane Mode in the Safe Mode. If the Airplane Mode gets turned off; it proves that a third-party application is creating the problem.

Simply, uninstall recently installed third-party apps one-by-one and check if the problem is fixed or not.

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Solution 5 – Reset Network Settings

If the Network Settings are not set properly on the device can cause to a various kinds of problems. Well, these improper settings of network can happen due to accidental touch and apps altering the phone settings. If your phone network settings are corrupted and hence not able to switch off Airplane mode on the phone then simply reset the network settings.

To reset the network settings simply follow the steps given below.

  • Go to Settings > General Management.
  • Scroll down and press Reset > Reset Network Settings > Reset Settings.

Reset Network Settings On Android

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Solution 6 – Factory Reset Your Device

If the problem is not fixed with the above-given solution, then the last option will be the factory reset. But this solution can wipe all your data stored in the device. So, backup all your data before doing a factory reset. A factory reset can bring back your phone to default mode. These are the steps to do a factory reset.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap General Management > Reset.
  • Select Factory Reset > Reset All.

Factory Reset Samsung Phone To Delete All Text Messages

Note: The steps to Factory Reset the device may vary from phone to phone.

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Solution 7 – Contact Samsung Support

If the phone is still stuck in Airplane mode/flight mode and it has not gotten back to normal mode, then contact to the Samsung Support. They can properly check the issue and gives an effective solution to fix it.


I hope with the help of the solutions given in this article, have helped you in fixing the problem of Samsung phone stuck in the Airplane Mode/Flight Mode (after update/after turning it on). You can follow the solution one by one and see if it fixes the issue.

If you have found this article helpful, then please share it as it can help others as well.