Fix Vivo Phone Stuck on Logo Screen (2024 Guide)

Vivo Phone Stuck on Logo Screen (2024 Guide)

Is your Vivo phone stuck on the logo/boot screen?

If yes, then you must be wondering what to do if your Vivo phone is stuck on the logo screen.

Well, stuck on the Logo screen or boot screen problem is common among Android users.

Users start panicking whenever they encounter this “stuck on logo screen” problem because it seems difficult to fix as they are unable to use their device.

If your Vivo is stuck on the boot screen too then you must also be searching for its solution to fix and that is the reason you are here.

So, in this tutorial, we have provided all the possible ways to fix a Vivo phone stuck on the logo/boot screen.

Before discussing the solutions, you should also be familiar with the reasons that can cause your Vivo phone to be stuck on the logo screen.

Reasons Why Your Vivo is Stuck on Logo Screen

The way solutions are important, reasons are also necessary to be known so that you can prevent any of the causes in the future from happening.

Common causes that could make your Vivo stuck on the boot screen are:

  • Software glitches can be responsible for this issue.
  • It could be possible that your hardware is defective and that is the reason why you are facing this Vivo stuck-on logo screen problem.
  • If you tried to manipulate your phone software by rooting the Vivo device.
  • It may also be possible that some apps that may contain viruses are causing this trouble.

Now let us move ahead and see the solutions to fix this error.

How To Fix Vivo Phone Stuck on Logo Screen (2024 Guide)

Solution 1: Force Restart Vivo Phone

The very first and simple solution could be Force Reset.

You can force restart your Vivo phone by pressing the Power button and the Volume button simultaneously for 10 seconds.

After your phone restarts, check whether your problem is solved or not.

Solution 2: Enter in Safe Mode

Another solution will be entering your Vivo phone in Safe mode.

Safe mode can fix any problem that is caused by any third-party app.

To enter Safe Mode, you have to press and hold the Power button and then press the Power off button unless the Reboot to Safe Mode option appears.

Then click on OK to enter Safe Mode.

Safe mode

Note: The steps may vary depending on the phone model.

If your problem is solved after entering the Safe Mode then it will be clear that the third-party app was causing the Vivo stuck-on Logo screen problem.

So, you have to uninstall the recently downloaded app(s) after exiting the Safe Mode.

To exit Safe Mode, you have to Restart your Vivo phone.

Solution 3: Let the Vivo Phone Battery Drain Completely

Sometimes letting your phone battery drain completely can solve any glitch shown on the screen.

It helps to reset the processor and software of the phone.

You have to leave your phone for several hours until your phone is at 0% battery.

Then fully charge your phone and turn on it.

And check if the problem is solved or not.

Solution 4: Wipe the Cache Partition of the Vivo Phone

By wiping the Cache Partition of the Vivo phone, any corrupted files that are the reason behind this issue will be removed.

To do so you have to press some buttons and it can vary for different phone models.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Press the Power button until some options appear on the screen.

Step 2: Tap on the Power off button to switch off the phone.

Step 3: Now press the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously.

Step 4: The Fastboot screen will appear on the screen and select Recovery Mode by pressing the Volume down button.

Vivo Recovery Mode

Step 5: Now tap on Clear Data > Clear Cache > OK.

Step 6: Tap on Return > Restart.

Note: The steps can vary depending on the phone model.

Solution 5: Factory Reset the Vivo Phone

If you are still facing the issue then you should Factory reset your Vivo phone.

Note: Before Factory Resetting your Vivo phone, you are suggested to back up all your data as Factory Reset can delete all the data from the device.

Follow the steps to do a Factory Reset:

Step 1: On your vivo device, go to Settings.

Step 2: Now tap on System > Reset options.

Step 3: Then select Erase all data (Factory Reset).

Factory Reset Vivo

Now check if the Vivo stuck on the logo screen problem is fixed or not.

Solution 6: Fix Vivo Phone Stuck on Logo Screen Using Android Repair

If you are still struggling with the stuck logo screen then you must use the Android Repair Tool to solve this problem.

It enables you to fix Android issues such as the black screen of death, being stuck in a boot loop, a bricked Android device, and many more.

*Trial version

This Android Repair Tool is very effective and easy to use.

Below, follow the complete steps to fix the Vivo phone stuck on the logo screen using Android Repair.

Steps To Repair Vivo Phone Stuck On Logo Screen

Step 1: Connect Your Android Phone To Computer

Open Android Repair Software on your computer and from the left panel, go to Toolbar section.

Now connect your Android phone to the computer that you want to repair and select System Repair to continue.

Step 2: Select the Device Type

After selecting System Repair, your phone will enter the next screen.

From the screen, select Android as the device type to repair.

Step 3: Start the Android System Repair

A new screen will be shown on your Android device and to initiate the repairing process, you have to click on Start.

You can read the list of Samsung problems that can be solved.

Step 4: Enter Device Details

When you enter the new screen, the brand of the Android device that you want to repair will be automatically detected.

Now select the Name, Model, Country and Carrier according to the list.

If the device is unlocked then you can select OPEN in the Carrier section.

Now click on the checkbox saying “I agree with the warning and I am ready to proceed” then click on Next to continue.

Step 5: Put Android With Home Button on Download Mode

When you enter to the next screen, you have to put Samsung device on Download Mode.

Follow the on-screen instructions for a device which is a Phone with a Home button by powering off the phone.

Now continue to press and hold Volume Down, Home and Power button simultaneously.

To enter Download Mode, press the Volume Up button.

Step 6: Now Put Android Without Home Button on Download Mode

For a device without Home button, you have to power off the device and hold the Volume Down, Bixby and Power buttons simultaneously.

Now press the Volume Up button to enter Download Mode.

Step 7: Download Firmware

After entering to the Download Mode, the firmware starts to download automatically on the platform.

If you want to stop the process then you can click on Stop.

Step 8: Confirm With Installation on the Android and Proceed

When it is downloaded, the platform verifies and displays its details on the screen.

You can install the firmware on your Android device by selecting Fix Now.

Step 9: Confirm the Firmware’s Installation

Your data may have been erased by Android repair. Type in “000000” to Confirm and proceed.

Note: Before starting Android Repair, you are suggested that you back up your Android data.

Step 10: View The Installation Progress

It will start the system repairing process that can be reviewed with the progress bar shown on the display.

Step 11: Finish The System Repair of the Android

Once the process finishes, a completion message will appear. Click “Done” to close the tool. If the Android device doesn’t start properly, click “Try Again” to repeat the process.

*Trial version

Solution 7: Contact Vivo Support

If any of the above methods work then the best option will be contacting Vivo support.

Contact Vivo Support and explain your issue in detail and wait for 1 to 3 business days.

The Vivo support team will help you further to solve the Vivo stuck-on Logo screen problem.


Android phones stuck on logo screen problems is a common issue. This issue can occur on any Android phone.

However, in this guide, we have provided all the solutions to fix the logo screen stuck problem, especially for Vivo phones.

If your Vivo phone is stuck on the logo/boot screen then this article will be very useful for you.

If you don’t want to waste your time doing so many solutions, then you are suggested to use Android Repair.

I hope you have followed all the steps carefully and were able to fix the Vivo phone Stuck on the logo screen problem.

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