How To Fix Voicemail Won’t Play On Android

How To Fix Voicemail Won't Play Problem On Android

Find Out Some Effective Methods To Fix Voicemail Won’t Playing On Android!

Summary: Is your voicemail won’t play on your Android phone? Is this irritates you and gives you trouble about thinking that due to this problem you can miss the important voicemail sent by someone. This can also trouble your important work or meetings or other things. But you don’t have to get panic as this guide will teach you how to fix voicemail won’t play on Android phone. So, just read this guide carefully, to fix the issue.

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Let’s begin with real practical examples!

Example 1: When User Try To Play The Voicemail Message, It Display Error Message “Unable To Play Message”

Voicemail playback problem

It says I have a message but when I go to the voicemail app and try to play the message I get a pop up that says unable to play message, yet when I go to my dialer and go to my voicemail through there I can play it. Any idea what is wrong?


Original Post Taken From: Android Central Forums

Example 2: When User Try To Listen Voice Messages, It Says “Voicemail Will Not Load”

Why Won’t My Voicemail Load?

I just purchased a new Google Pixel phone. When I attempt to listen to voice messages it says “voicemail will not load” ( even when I have good signal strength ). How do I troubleshoot?

Original Post Taken From: Verizon Community

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Why Voicemail Won’t Play On Android? Or Why Won’t My Voicemail Load On My Android?

There could be many reasons due to which your voicemail won’t play and load on your Android phone. Some of the reasons are as follows.

  • Poor internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi).
  • Due to app confliction.
  • Having some problem with your device.
  • Due to corrupt voicemail data.
  • And other.

After knowing the reasons behind this issue. Now, let us learn some methods to fix voicemail won’t play on Android.

All the below-mentioned methods will work in all Android phone models such as Samsung, Google Pixel, OnePlus, Moto, LG, Sony, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, ZTE, HTC, Asus, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Realme, etc.

Method 1: Restart Your Android Device

As you all know that restarting the Android device solves many issues. So, you should also restart your smartphone to fix voicemail won’t play on Android or voicemail won’t open on Android.

Restart or Reboot Your Android Phone

Method 2: Delete Voicemail App Data

Another way to fix voicemail not playing on Android is by deleting voicemail app data.

To delete voicemail app data you need to go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Voicemail > Clear Data.

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Method 3: Check Voicemail Settings

You should also check that your voicemail settings are correct. You can check the voicemail settings through Phone app on your Android device.

Note: The voicemail app and its settings will look different depending on your Android device model and version. Here I have taken Samsung Galaxy S20 running on Android 10 which is similar to many Android devices.

Now, follow the below steps to check the voicemail settings to fix voicemail not playing/working on Android.

Step 1: On your device, open the Phone app then tap on three vertical dots in the top right.

Check Your Voicemail Settings

Step 2: After that tap on Settings.

Check Voicemail Settings

Step 3: Then tap on Voicemail option from Call Settings menu.

Go To Voicemail

Step 4: Now, you can double to check how your voicemail is set up. For example, check that right network carrier is selected under Service provider section.

Tap on Service Provider

Step 5: Now, you will get a voicemail number that you can use to call and listen to your voicemail. Under Voicemail number section you can check this is correct or not.

Tap on Voicemail number

Step 6: If you do not get the notifications of new voicemails then under Notifications section you can check your voicemail notifications are set correctly.

Select Alert On Notification Category

If anything this wrong with the settings then this can cause voicemail won’t play on your Android. But if everything is correct then you should follow the next method.

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Method 4: Update Your Carrier’s Voicemail App

There can be a carrier-issued voicemail app installed on your smartphone for you to use this voicemail service. If you are using a next-gen visual voicemail service then you will have a high chances of this issue.

If a carrier-issued app won’t play voicemail or won’t load/open voicemail then you should see the update for the voicemail app. New updates for the app help you to fix many issues and provide you new features.

So, you should open the Google Play Store and see if there is any new update for voicemail app is available. The update comes only if your carrier has updated the voicemail app. If it has been updated then you need to manually update it as this needs sensitive permissions.

Method 5: Contact Your Carrier For Support

If still your voicemail app is not working well or it is not playing your voicemail then there is a high chance that there is some issue with your service provider by your network carrier. So, to fix this you can call your carrier and ask them is there a problem which needs to fix with further technical support.

If it has any fault then your carrier will look at this and fix the problem. If needed, they will give you additional support to configure the voicemail on your Android smartphone.


If your voicemail won’t play on Android then the above solutions should help you to fix the voicemail issue. So, just try the methods one by one to fix the issue.